» P95° x Dehumidifier

P95° x Dehumidifier

Specifically engineered for pharmaceutical industry

Having extensive years of research and development on desiccant rotor technology, Bry-Air has yet again come up with a massive breakthrough – Introducing the new generation G4 desiccant rotor, which will revolutionise the world/science of dehumidification. This major breakthrough in desiccant rotor technology enables regeneration/reactivation at just 95 °C.

The P95 °x with G4 desiccant rotor at the heart of it all, is a product that is specially crafted for the pharmaceutical industry requirements in the forefront and is compliant to the FDA and CGMP requirements.

P95 °x Dehumidifier uses breakthrough Rotor Technology leading to huge energy saving (>30%)

  • Regeneration at 95 °C
  • Novel adsorbent/desiccant
  • Bacteriacidal
  • Prevents fungal growth

At no extra cost!!!


Some outstanding features:

  • Stainless Steel Welded Frame – Reliable, rust free, long life
  • Vapour Tight Construction – SMACNA class 6 (shop tested at 6″ water gauge)
  • Zero Leakage – Minimum downtime
  • FDA and CGMP compliant
  • Robust Structural Design – Withstanding seismic intensity level 10

At the heart of it all… EcoDry™ G4 Desiccant Rotor with Low Regeneration Temperature (LRT) inside:

  • Bacteriostatic and specially treated
  • Prevents fungal growth
  • PH neutral
  • Water/hose washable


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