Policy Statement

At Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., our goal is to make the world greener with our energy-saving environmental solutions. We balance making a profit with caring for the planet, ensuring our business is reliable and ready for the future, and minimising risks—all with an eye on keeping our Earth healthy. We follow the law closely and always look for new ways to be better at combining caring for the environment, treating people fairly, and doing well financially.

Environmental Stewardship

We promise to continuously get better at protecting the environment by:

  • Using an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) to keep improving.
  • Aiming for our buildings and operations to have zero net emissions, including using solar panels at our manufacturing sites.
  • Always following environmental laws and rules.
  • Making sure our products and how we make them are as eco-friendly as possible.

Responsible Sourcing

  • We prioritize partnering with suppliers who are committed to environmental sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring mutual growth and improvement.
  • Collaborate for Sustainability: Foster partnerships with suppliers to set and achieve mutual sustainability goals, including adopting renewable energy and circular economy principles. This approach encourages innovation, enhances supply chain resilience, and aligns sustainability efforts across the board.

Product Life Cycle

  • Our product lifecycle management emphasizes four distinct areas: water conservation, efficient use of natural resources, increased recycling efforts, and minimization of waste.

Innovation and Research

  • Our investment focuses on two main areas: developing new ideas and technologies that benefit the environment and targeting both a reduction in carbon emissions and an enhancement of our environmental performance throughout our products’ lifecycle, from creation to delivery.
  • Advancing Material Research for Environmental Protection: Through advanced material research, we develop innovative machinery like our NMP Recovery System, focusing on environmental sustainability by reducing industrial impact. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also promotes a more sustainable ecosystem by recycling critical solvents.
  • Pioneering Carbon Capture and Water Generation Technologies: Our expertise in adsorption technology underpins our leading role in carbon capture, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Simultaneously, our Air-to-Water Generator innovatively addresses water scarcity, producing potable water from air, demonstrating our commitment to tackling environmental challenges.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability shapes the way we manufacture our products. Here’s our approach:

  • We’re all about using the smartest methods and technologies to minimize waste, enhance recycling, and optimize our use of energy and water.
  • Safety and sustainability guide our choice of technologies, ensuring that our products are not just eco-friendly but also top-notch in quality and user experience.

This strategy underscores our dedication to blending environmental responsibility with the delivery of exceptional products to our users.

Distribution and Logistics

  • We’re making our delivery systems more efficient and constantly looking for greener ways to transport our products, improving how we get them from us to you.

Marketing and Communication

  • Our products’ eco-friendly features are a key part of our message, and we make sure you have the real facts about our environmental efforts.

Corporate Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

  • We actively talk with everyone involved in our business, from government officials to you, our customers, and the wider community, informing everyone about what we’re doing for the environment.

Human Resource

Our team is our foundation, and we’re all about creating an empowering and safe place for everyone. Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • We stand firm against any form of discrimination, ensuring equal opportunities for all, no matter their gender.
  • We maintain a safe and healthy workplace by following the best labor standards in our area.
  • We drive our team towards greatness and new ideas by providing training that builds their skills, offering a challenging yet fair work environment, and recognizing their hard work and innovation.
  • We encourage every team member to play an active role in environmental sustainability and celebrate the steps they take to help our operations be kinder to the planet.

This reflects our dedication to fostering a positive, equitable, and environmentally responsible workplace culture.

CMD Commitment

I promise to lead the way and provide the necessary support to ensure this sustainability policy is a core part of our business.

Deepak Pahwa,
Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.

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