BRYSORB™ Chemical Media

Spherical / Cylindrical porous pellets impregnated with proprietary chemicals

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Advanced Adsorption Technology

Advanced Adsorption Technology

Adhere to ISA Guidelines

Adhere to ISA Guidelines

Easy to Replace

Easy to Replace

Customised Gas Removal

Customised Gas Removal


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Frequently Asked Questions

BRYSORB™ 508 Blend is the most efficient chemical media that eliminates oxides of sulphur, nitrogen and other VOCs. It also eliminates hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen fluoride and ozone.

Chemical media life depends on various parameters such as the type and concentration of contaminants, operating conditions, and the specific impregnant used. The lifespan of chemical media is measured at Bry-Air’s in-house lab at absolutely no cost.

Gases such as oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, ammonia, ozone, and hydrogen fluoride along with other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are effectively eliminated using various BRYSORB™ chemical media.

The longevity of BRYSORB™ chemical media depends on various factors, including the specific impregnate used, contaminant concentrations, and operating conditions. Typically, BRYSORB™ chemical media can last several months to a year before requiring replacement. Regular monitoring of pressure drops and adherence to manufacturer-recommended replacement intervals are crucial for maintaining effective filtration. Specific media life can vary based on application specifics and should be determined in consultation with Bry-Air or based on their provided guidelines.

The benefits of using BRYSORB™ chemical media include:

1. Effective Contaminant Removal: BRYSORB™ media efficiently adsorbs or neutralizes a wide range of gaseous contaminants, including odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

2. High Adsorption Capacity: It offers a substantial adsorption capacity, ensuring effective contaminant capture.

3. Low-Pressure Drop: BRYSORB™ maintains low-pressure drop, reducing energy consumption and ensuring airflow efficiency.

4. Longer Life: It has a longer mean time between replacement (MTBR), minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

5. Customization: BRYSORB™ can be tailored to specific contaminant types and concentrations, offering versatility in applications.

These benefits contribute to improved indoor air quality and reduced operational costs.

BRYSORB™ chemical media offers several advantages compared to other gas phase filtration media:

1. High Adsorption Capacity: BRYSORB™ provides a substantial adsorption capacity for effective contaminant removal.

2. Low-Pressure Drop: It maintains a low-pressure drop, leading to energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.

3. Longer Lifespan: BRYSORB™ typically has a longer mean time between replacement (MTBR), reducing downtime and maintenance expenses.

4. Customization: It can be tailored to specific contaminant types and concentrations, offering versatility in various applications.

5. Efficient Contaminant Removal: BRYSORB™ efficiently adsorbs or neutralizes a wide range of gaseous contaminants, ensuring improved indoor air quality.

These advantages position BRYSORB™ as a competitive choice in gas phase filtration media.

Installing and maintaining BRYSORB™ chemical media is simple. Place it in the designated housing, ensure proper sealing, and monitor pressure drop. Maintenance involves periodic replacement, following manufacturer guidelines and monitoring pressure drop to indicate replacement timing. Technical support and guidelines from Bry-Air simplify the process.

To ensure BRYSORB™ chemical media suits your needs:

1. Consult Bry-Air: Contact Bry-Air for tailored guidance.

2. Identify Contaminants: Determine contaminant types and concentrations using the Corrosion Classification Coupon.

3. Test Performance: Verify media effectiveness through tests or Bry-Air consultation.

4. Customisation: Customise BRYSORB™ if needed for specific challenges.

5. Budget Assessment: Evaluate costs, including media replacement and energy savings.

By following these steps and consulting Bry-Air Airgineers®, you can confidently choose BRYSORB™ for your air filtration needs.

BRYSORB™ chemical media demonstrates high efficiency in removing various contaminants, including odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its effectiveness depends on the specific impregnant and the concentration of contaminants. BRYSORB™ is designed for efficient adsorption and neutralization, contributing to improved indoor air quality and contaminant removal. Specific efficiency data can be obtained from Bry-Air or through testing tailored to your application.

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