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Compact, Portable Dehumidifying Drying Package

The new improved Bry-Air Eco dry COMBO series packages a small Dehumidifying Dryer with a drying Hopper and Twin Loader on a single skid to allow the small processor, the flexibility of portability, along with quality drying.
The multifunctional COMBO has been designed to meet the need of processors requiring quality drying of smaller quantities of hygroscopic plastics resins. Mounted on castors, the COMBO dryer is portable and easy to handle and maintain.
It assures proper drying of the toughest of hygroscopic resins.Powder coated and CNC fabricated, the COMBO Series is available in a range of three (3) models with Drying capacities ranging from 9 kg/hr to 45 kg/hr which allows easy handling. 

Advantages of COMBO Series (Dehumidifying Dryer plus Hopper plus Twin Loader)

  • Easy to read operation status
  • Microprocessor Based PID Controller
  • Material over drying safety
  • -40ÂșC or lower dewpoint air
  • Compact and Portable