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Gelatin Drying For Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic And Photography

Gelatin drying is a process commonly used in food production, as this material is used as a bonding agent in many different types of edible products, and even some non-edible products, such as glue. Gelatine drying is the first step to making the gelatine useful in finished products. State-of-the-art drying processes are much in demand in the manufacturing industry today, as drying food, drying seed, drying wood, yeast drying, powder drying, and much more are used in the production of foodstuff. A powerful industrial-grade drying machine with versatility and the ability to handle big jobs is needed in today’s high-powered, high-output manufacturing industry, whether for food items or adhesives.

Drying grapes to make raisins and other dry snacks is a common function of these machines in today’s factories, and the areas must be cleaned and maintained at all times, with maintenance personnel to supervise the machines. Fruit drying of all kinds is used for trail mix, certain kinds of candies, and confections. Hot air drying, and drying technology in general, is a rapidly growing field in the manufacturing industry, and it is an integral component of food science. Those who take courses in food science are likely to learn a great deal about drying technology and its modern applications, how these powerful drying machines work, and how factories can used them to expedite production and control the quality of their products.

Custom drying is a feature on machines that lets users adjust temperatures, speed, humidity, and other factors on the machines to their precise specifications for quality control, and to achieve consistent results in the production and output of their products, both finished and unfinished. Drying spices out is a common application of this technology, as many seasonings and spices sold to grocery stores for Mexican and Italian dishes require the use of these spices, and dry spices have a much longer shelf life than fresh ones do.

The advantages of drying out food for long-term storage has practical advantages for those who are concerned about bad economic times, or the possibility of a lack of available food at the grocery store and other places in times to come. Home dryers, small-scale versions of the machines used in factory settings, can be purchased for consumer use. As we learn more about drying technology and how to apply it to our daily lives and food production, we will be able to better control the nutrition and benefits of the food we eat, as well as extending the shelf life of commonly perishable foods.

Drying Process

The Gelatin Drying process involves passing gelatin through eight separate temperature zones where temperature is controlled within ±1ºC. Warm liquid gelatin that is obtained after hydrolysis is spread over a slowly revolving stainless steel drum. Over this air is blown. The chill, dry air congeals the gelatin as the drum rotates and a elastic band rolls out at the other end of the drum.

The temperature, relative humidity and velocity of the air must be accurately controlled for effective and rapid drying of the gelatin. If the temperature is low, the gelatin band becomes brittle and snaps. If the temperature and humidity are too high, or air velocity too low, the gelatin will not solidify into a band. From the capsulating machines, the soft moist capsules are transferred to drying chambers. Here the moisture from the gelatin shell must be removed gradually to prevent superficial hardening. Drying at elevated temperatures impairs product quality.

Bry-Air Solution

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers can maintain RH as low as 1% or even lower at constant level, regardless of ambient conditions.

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