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Moisture Control in Lithium Batteries


Lithium battery production is undertaken in very critical and controlled (dry room) environment conditions. Non-maintenance of the desired RH during lithium cell manufacturing (<1%) and battery assembling (<10%) may lead to severe consequences.

Lithium battery application is fast growing across diversified industries like Electronics, Automotive, Electric Vehicles (EV), Energy Storage, Solar, Telecom, Power, Defence, Space/Satellite, Healthcare etc. There is large scale production of lithium batteries and moisture acts as a major deterrent leading to the growth of this industry.

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity

Lithium batteries are affected by uncontrolled temperature and humidity. If the lithium battery is exposed to moisture during production, it may lead to impairing quality, thus:

  • Reduced product life
  • Reduced performance (charging capacity)
  • Raise safety concerns including chances of explosion

Cause of Uncontrolled Humidity

Pure Lithium metal is extremely sensitive to even tiny amounts of moisture in the air. Hence, slightest of exposure to moisture leads to reduced performance and reduced product life of Lithium-ion batteries.

General Recommendations

  • Moisture level in Lithium-ion battery processing areas should have less than (-) 35°C (-31°F) dew-point and/or moisture content of 0.14 grams per kg of dry air
  • Room temperature should be maintained at recommended levels, around 25°C (77°F), with tolerance of +/(-) 2°C (36°F) along with dew points in the range of (-) 35°C (-31°F). (0.14 g/kg).
  • The air change rate in the production room should be 20 to 50 air changes per hour with maintenance of minimum fresh air introduction for positive room pressure and ventilation for workers

Bry-Air Solution

High technology often entails working in precisely controlled environmental conditions. Lithium batteries are a classic example of a product where production is not possible in the absence of efficient dehumidification. Dehumidification, or moisture control, has proven itself to be a critical factor in the control of the environment in the dry rooms without which lithium battery manufacturing is not feasible.

Bry-Air’s Green DryPurge® (GDP) patented technology for dehumidifiers ensures optimum performance of dehumidifiers, even at the ultra low dew point, up to (-) 80°C (-112°F). Bry-Air is the only total solution provider for Dry Rooms with Environment Control Equipment incorporating Patented Technology critical for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

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