» Applications of Desiccant Dehumidifiers

With over 50 Years of Leadership in Adsorption Technologies,

Bry-Air has a wide range of products catering to all your moisture/humidity control, corrosion prevention, odour removal, plastics drying, conveying and blending, mould dehumidification, high temperature heat recovery and energysmart cooling using waste heat using adsorption.

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Applications of Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Bry-Air manufactures a wide range of industrial dehumidifiers

It specializes in customizing dehumidification systems to specific customer and application needs across diversified industries like pharmaceutical, food, lithium battery manufacturing, defence, power, chemicals, electronics, leather, etc. In almost all industries, dehumidifiers are successfully installed across research and development (R&D), manufacturing, processing, drying, testing, storage, and packaging.

Bry-Air takes pride in providing dehumidification for some of the most uncommon applications like vintage car preservation, falcon breeding, parachute drying, crocodile enclosure, incubation of ostrich eggs, archive preservation in libraries, etc.

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Welcome to the Knowledge Center! A precious resource for AirgineeringTM related information. Over the half century, Bry-Air has developed a vast understanding of adsorptions, and adsorption-based technologies about air and its industrial interface. The knowledge and experience gained are continuously used in helping customers achieving their business goals –Profitability Productivity and Sustainability. Bry-Air helps the world renowned companies to solve critical airgineering challenges across the globe. Here are a few selective links to a vast repository of knowledge for your reference and usage.

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