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BryCare® After-Sales Support Parts & Services

BryCare® is a service program to assure peace of mind to Bry-Air customers. It has a team of trained, experienced Airgineers® who look after service and repair of all models of Bry-Air products even after sale. BryCare® Airgineers® ensure the product is at its best so that you can focus on your operations and production.

4 Services

  • Maintenance Service: Bry-Air offers four service options to maintain your products as per your preferences.
  • Maintenance Parts Kit: Bry-Air offers convenient Maintenance Parts Kit options especially designed for your application.
  • Retrofit Program: Upgrade the obsolete dehumidifier into modern system.
  • Rotor Replacement Program: Bry-Air recommends timely rotor replacement for huge energy saving.


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Latest From Bry-Air

OTT-Over the top, has brought a paradigm shift to the entertainment industry. It is a new day convenient entertainment platform where you can watch live streaming of events, your favourite movie, tv-show or web series anytime, anywhere and on any device from a huge digital library in your preferred language. It gives a personalized experience to the users.

Rise of OTT platforms

OTT audiences have grown due to 4G/5G telecom networks and multiple lockdowns. With millions of users, data management becomes more crtical for tracking user preferences, watch histories, search histories, payment histories, subscription details, personalized details like gender and age, for marketing /advertising campaigns etc.

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Special needs of OTT

Users expect a seamless viewing experience in addition to customer data management and an audio-video library. An interruption-free viewing experience and a large library of content require a complex data management system, which the cloud can provide.

Airborne contamination is a roadblock

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) and atmospheric particulates emanating from nearby pollutant sources are highly corrosive in nature and can easily seep into air-conditioned data centres. The contaminated gases along with high humidity affect the operational capability, reliability and longevity of data storage equipment. They lead to micro-electronic corrosion and server malfunction which further causes server downtime losses.

The ultimate solution to corrosion lies in Gas Phase Filtration, which involves passing the contamination laden air stream through a bed of dry media placed in a properly designed housing.

Rebuilding virtually the entire technological stack for OTT

In the World of OTT, storage requirements are Unique. All videos, applications and customer history are recorded in the storage server videos of data centres. Most of the OTT platforms are using Amazon Web services or Microsoft Azure Data Centre & its services. For example, Netflix is fully reliant on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Centres to deliver high-quality video streaming services globally.

OTT providers and several CDN providers host in data centres to serve content on the internet. Media companies have huge storage and serving needs. The data has to be available 24x7x365 days for users. In order for content delivery to be continuous and seamless, air quality needs to be perfect.

DataCenter Air Purifiers (DAP) find their unique usage in data centres. It is uniquely designed to keep the corrosive gases away from damaging the servers. This helps in protecting the data centres from the threat of electronic corrosion and abrupt failures. Along with Gas Phase Filtration solutions, dehumidifiers are a blessing for Data Centre operators preventing them from the hassle of condensation and uncontrolled humidity.

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Missile Combat with Environment Rather than Enemy

When Russian troops barged into Ukraine territory, it shook the world. All the nations monitored the situation closely. Countries were calculating the immediate and long-term impact as well as keeping their defence systems combat-ready. The defence and security establishments were vigilant at the borders.

The current war is going to impact Indian defence supplies from Russia and consequently, India’s ability to respond to its enemies. Thus, the upkeep of existing defence equipment is of utmost importance. From tanks to fighter jets, warships to artillery guns, rocket systems, missiles, armoured combat vehicles, parachutes, all defence equipment should be in perfect condition in the tactical battle zone.

Types of Missiles

  • Ballistic Missile
  • Cruise Missile

Types of Missiles by Launch Mode

  • Surface-to-Surface Missile
  • Surface-to-Air Missile
  • Surface-to-Sea Missile
  • Anti-tank
  • Sea-to-Sea
  • Land-to-sea
  • Air-to-Air Missile
  • Sea-to-Surface
  • Air-to-Surface Missile.
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Strengthen Missile Maintenance

Protection of battle tanks, armoured vehicles, mobile shelters, stored ammunition etc. is necessary as protection of sensors, radar systems, launchers, command and control posts. Same goes for Missiles. They are chosen for their accurate strike capabilities deep inside neighbouring countries. It is expected to perform even after many years of manufacturing.

Typically, missiles are located in remote areas of the country, usually at high altitudes. They are exposed to severe and hostile weather conditions. Variations in temperature and humidity due to its storage location or transportation journey can affect its operational reliability and quality.

High temperature and damp environment degrades the missile and causes corrosion. The long-term exposure to humidity will cause a layer of condensation on components or material surfaces. It permeates into the material causing the surface of the insulating material conductivity to increase, and reducing volume resistivity, causing short circuit in the electrical parts and breakdown.

The recommended temperature during missile assembly and storage is 27°C with 25% RH. Missiles should be stored in a humidity-controlled canister.

The best defence against moisture

Defending a missile storage facility against moisture attack requires a dehumidification system. Desiccant type of Dehumidifiers are the most suitable option for the job as they do not require motor-driven compressors, condenser coils, and chemical refrigerants.

Dehumidifiers should be strategically placed in the missile storage area or other defence ammunition storage area as well. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers have been successfully used by the military world over for long-term and short-term storage, providing considerable savings in operating costs, building construction and safer storage.

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