India’s Semiconductor Mission is Shaping Up to Compete in Global Chip Making Race

With the global chip shortage, fuelled by the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical circumstances, affecting several smartphone and automobile industries, the government has launched the ‘Semiconductor Mission’ to establish a self-reliance and give boost to India’s fast-expanding electronics manufacturing and innovation ecosystem.

The main objective of the programme is to provide financial assistance to companies that invest in semiconductors, display production, and the design environment.

Mr. Deepak Pahwa, M.D. Bry-Air, told News18 that“ India is rising to the occasion wherein with the right talent, skill, technology, and infrastructure it can become the leader in semiconductor manufacturing, designing, and innovation,”.

But in the mission it is really crucial to focus on the ancillary industries that can render quality end products that remain unrivalled across the globe.

As components in a semiconductor are hygroscopic in nature, humidity can have a corrosive effect and cause chip failure. Therefore, the government should establish a “powerful, highly resilient manufacturing base”, suggested Mr. Pahwa.

The initiatives by the states and Centre highlight that India is ready to accomplish its goals and attract more companies to invest in the country. During the Digital India Week-July, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India wants to become a “chip maker from a chip taker”.

Dehumidifiers for Pharma Industry: A Specialist

The pandemic has given industries a reality check in more ways than one. The world’s dependence on China for sourcing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients led to the disruption in supply chain of APIs and significant shortages in the supply of essential drugs around the Globe and in India. The government has announced subsidies/incentives for setting up API plants in India to bridge the gap.

Vizag and nearby areas which already are an important destination for manufacturers can present its own set of challenges due to high humidity levels and it can be a real task to process the ingredients and produce quality drugs.

As majority of the pharmaceutical products are highly hygroscopic and humidity can cause production processes to be less efficient, less predictable, and more prone to producing products that don’t meet specification. The sugar solution that is needed to coat the tablets dry faster in presence of moisture resulting in rough translucent and uneven coating.

The simplest and cost-effective solution is Desiccant Dehumidification in combination with air-conditioning provides the required humidity and temperature parameters for manufacturing, storage & packaging of Pharmaceutical Industry.

Latest From Bry-Air

BryShield is a first of its kind, innovative air filtration system that prevents electronic corrosion by removing gaseous and particulate contaminants from the air. It is compact, ceiling suspended and aesthetically designed to easily fit into the false ceiling just like a cassette AC.

While its applications are numerous, it is especially relevant for small server rooms. Servers are sensitive electronic equipment that are very susceptible to electronic corrosion which leads to server failure and downtime. Recent statistics state that 75% of micro-electronic failure is caused due to corrosion.

Servers house important information, and downtime of mere seconds can lead to huge losses. The problem is compounded given the poor air quality in most cities and industrial areas and worse in areas closer to landfill sites, sewage drains and excess vehicular exhaust. Frequent opening of doors and windows for movement and ventilation, only leads to more unfiltered outdoor air coming in the room which adds to the problem.

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When air with toxic gases like NO2, VOCs, Cl2, H2S, SOx etc. comes in contact with humidity, it creates acid like formation which causes electronic corrosion.

BryShield uses Bry-Air’s patented technology of Honeycomb Chemical Filters – DRISORB™.

_ KMnO4 & other impregnates to cater to various gases
_ As per ASHRAE 145.2 and ISO 1155-2 standards
_ Stainless steel filter cassettes

The macro-porous desiccant based honeycomb matrix filters have a high bulk density, structural strength and adsorption capacity. They completely neutralize all the toxic gases and give out clean air. These filters last over a year and are very easy to replace.

The BryShield helps ensure consistent uptime through shielding the electronic equipment from corrosive gases. It effectively removes particulates and gaseous contaminants from confined space and addresses the serious threat arising from airborne molecular contamination.

Ideal for small server rooms, control rooms and electronic equipment rooms in

  • Banks
  • IT companies
  • Telecom sites
  • Hospitals
  • Media & broadcasting companies
  • R&D centres

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Specifically engineered for pharmaceutical industry

With its extensive years of research and development on desiccant rotor technology, Bry-Air has yet again come up with a massive breakthrough – Introducing the new generation G4 desiccant rotor, which will revolutionise the world/ science of dehumidification.

This major breakthrough in desiccant rotor technology enables regeneration reactivation at just 95°C.

The P95°x with G4 desiccant rotor at the heart of it all, is a product that is specially crafted for the pharmaceutical industry requirements in the forefront and is compliant to the FDA and CGMP requirements.

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P95°x Dehumidifier uses breakthrough Rotor Technology leading to huge energy saving (>30%)

  • Regeneration at 95°C
  • Novel adsorbent/desiccant
  • Bacteriacidal
  • Prevents fungal growth

At the heart of it all

EcoDry™ G4 Desiccant Rotor with Low Regeneration Temperature (LRT) inside:

  • Bacteriostatic and specially treated
  • Prevents fungal growth
  • PH neutral
  • Water/hose washable


  • Stainless Steel Welded Frame-
    Reliable, rust free, long life
  • Zero Leakage-
    Minimum downtime
  • Vapour Tight Construction-
    SMACNA class 6 (shop tested at 6” water gauge)
  • Robust Structural Design-
    Withstanding seismic intensity level 10
  • FDA and CGMP compliant

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  • Arab Pharma, Jordan
  • HVAC-R, Egypt
  • PROPACK and AGRITECH West Africa
  • Agro Expo, Bangladesh
  • Pharma Tech Expo, Chandigarh
  • Bakers Technology Fair Codissia, Coimbatore

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