Country  : India
Localion  : Dombivli, Maharashlra (40 km from Mumbai)
Industry  : PET
Client Name  : Singhania Fabexports Pvt. Ltd.
Applicalion Area  : PET Manufacturing
Problem  : Inconsistent Dew Point 
Solution  : Honeycomb Resin Dryer, Auto Loader, Mould Temperature Controller
Benefits  : Consistent Linear Dew Point with economical energy consumption

Putting together a perfect solution with Bry-Air

PET is a highly competitive, quality and productivity driven business. Polylhylene terepihalate or PET, as it is commonly known, is one of the most technically challenging materials. It becomes even more challenging when you need to supply to developed markets like USA and Europe.

About the Client: Mis Singhania Fabexports Pvt. Ltd. (SFEPL) who has been in the texlile business since 1956, ventured into the Plastics business (PET) in the year 2010 to export high quality rigid packaging (PET bottles & PP / PE closures) to USA, Europe, Middle East, Saudi Arabia. When SFEPL ventured into the PET business, they were totally new to the segment.

Investment: US$ 10 million.

Facility: The plant houses a clean room of Class 10000 for packing section and class 100000 for machine area (production area).

Technology: SFEPL PET Plant uses latest imported computer controlled manufacturing process with rigid quality control at all stages of production for making zero tolerance bottles. SFEPL has installed the most advanced AOKI “single-stage” high cycle molding machine and Husky injection molding machines for achieving extremely hygienic conditions as per USA standards.

Served Industries: Pharmaceutical’ Food’ Personal Care

“Bry-Air Honeycomb Dryer, Auto Loader and Mould Temperature Controller has ensured highest quality for our products.”

Mr. Ashutosh Singhania – Director,
Singhania Fabexports Pvt. Ltd.

Resin Dryers with BryWheel based on Honeycomb Technology

  • Highest Drying Efficiency (uplo – 65°C) at lowest energy cost
  • Based on Honeycomb Wheel Technology
  • Wheel Mounted Cabinet for easy movement
  • Versatile, easy to package and handle
  • Small footprint; Low volume/weight per CMH

Moisture Problem in PET

When excess moisture is present in the polymer melt in the screw barrel of the moulding machine, a hydrolysis reaction occurs. This reaction degrades the material causing poorer shock resistance, elongation performance and tensile strength. Also, it increases the melt flow which can result in over packing, parts and runners sticking and flash.

Bry-Air A Perfect Partner to Ensure Quality End Product

As the project was very critical in terms of quality and delivery, and a perfect solution for drying the PET resin was a important requirement to get zero defect product, they opted for the most trusted name, Bry-Air. For PET drying, the dryness of the air i.e. dew point is very important. With Bry-Air BHD Series dryers, consistent linear dew point -40°C is easy to maintain. The air flow display and bed drive failure features alert before the problem arises in produced bottles. These features help in avoiding rejections. Also the energy consumption is found to be the least in the industry for Bry-Air BHD series. Efficient and economical Bry-Air Solution by backed excellent after sales support and superior consultancy made SFEPL to opt for Bry-Air Honeycomb Dryers. Currently, Bry-Air has supplied 3 Dehumidifiers, 3 Auto Loaders and 2 Mould Temperature Controllers.

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