Good news for the New Year

Another EEPC award in the kitty . . .

Demonstrating a growth trajectory, Bry-Air has again received the Export Excellence Award from Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) India.

The award represents Bry-Air’s capability to deliver quality products of international standards globally. Currently, Bry-Air has installed Dehumidifiers in 85+ countries. Bry-Air has fully owned subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Switzerland and Brazil. Apart from these there are three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and and representatives in 60+ countries.

Bry-Air elevates Dr. Vijay Chaudhry to President – International Business

In line with our international business growth strategy and growing international team, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Vijay Chaudhry is being promoted to President-International Business & Gas Phase Filtration Division with effect from November 1st, 2021.

In his current role, Dr. Vijay Chaudhry is going to be the key in expanding our international business and leveraging the opportunity available globally. He will also be responsible for the growth & performance of our Gas Phase Filtration business.

Dr. Chaudhry has been with Bry-Air for the last four years and has played a crucial role in uplifting the brand and the business.

Downtime in data centres can be a nightmare for businesses

A 6-hour long Data Centre outage recently cost Facebook nearly $160 million.

Recently, the Uptime Institute’s 2021 Global Data Center Survey found that over 60% of respondents lost more than $100,000 due to downtime and that 15% lost more than $1 million.

Data Centre Outages caused revenue loss, time loss, resource loss, and reputational damage.

  • >10% reported costs over $1million
  • 28% reported costs of $100,000 -$1million
  • 60% reported costs under $100,000

Latest From Bry-Air

Forgot to pay your last electricity bill? No worries . . .Thanks to ATMs, Paytm, Phonpe and other mobile and internet banking services, now you can clear all your pending bills while sitting in your cozy blanket. Do you know what makes this possible? Finance Technology (FinTec), which helps all businesses speed up monetary transactions and its operations.

Smart Digital Payments

Fintech has the ability to streamline traditionally clunky processes. E-commerce, retail, utility bills, almost everything can be purchased through online transactions. Instant payment, convenience and security are factors driving these smart digital payments.

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Each transaction of smart digital payments is recorded on multiple servers. Due to the large volume of transactions and complexity of data storage, financial organizations invest a significant amount in building robust IT infrastructure and Data Centres.

A Data Center is an essential component for business continuity. A Data Center have to operate at all time in order to guarantee business continuity.

Air surrounding the Data Centre is crucial to ensure consistent performance and uptime.

Perfect air quality is Fintech lifeline

Exposure to high humidity can lead to corrosion in Data Centre servers and affect its performance. Any delay in information dissemination can lead to huge huge losses. In addition to temperature control, humidity control is required to prevent corrosion and reduce static electricity.

Installing a desiccant dehumidifier is advisable for dealing with humidity problems.

Additionally, to tackle airborne contamination caused by nearby process industries, landfill sites, open drains or heavy traffic zones, Data Centre Air Purifiers should be installed.

The combination of Desiccant Dehumidifiers and Gas Phase Filtration System provides an ideal environment for Data Centres to operate smoothly and continuously. Both products help to eliminate corrosion in data centers.

In October 2021, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) recorded 4.21 billion transactions worth Rs. 7.71 trillion and Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) transactions reached 430.67 million which amounted to Rs. 3.70 trillion

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Warping furniture can deface your home

Modern furniture adds a sparkle to your home and complements your lifestyle. However, moisture can damage your furniture and make it look dull.

Your home’s furniture serves as a style statement that reflects your lifestyle and personality. Furniture that is unique, modern, beautiful, and most importantly, affordable is what everyone wants in their house. Therefore, the best fit is engineered wood, MDF or Particle board which is also widely used for structural, exterior and interior panelling. Engineered wood is the best option for furniture, sheds and cladding for home and office interiors.

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Infuse a new life in your home

The colour choices that infuse life into simple furniture are often attributed to the High Pressure Laminate (HPL). It has the elegance of wood with qualities of resins. HPL sheets have 6-8 layers of resins and paper-based composite material. Their durable scratch free, stain free and flexible features make them quite popular among interior decorators. These sheets can be moulded for ceilings, workstations wardrobes, furniture and flooring. It is durable & cost effective material giving endless design choices to customers in terms of textures, colours, and finishes.

When responsibly sourced and certified, HPL laminates represent an excellent option. Just like wood, fluctuating temperature and humidity level can impact its strengths and turn it into a weaker and non-durable option. It is imperitive that HPL is manufactured/layer bonding process is done at recommended temperature and humidity level.

Uncontrolled humidity can bring following changes:

  • Dimensional changes
  • Structural strength
  • Warping/buckling

As the humidity decreases the laminates contracts, and expands when humidity increases. With humidity level fluctuations, the laminate width also changes twice the length.

Bring a seamless grace to laminates

Bry-Air recommends conditioning the laminate and substrate for at least 48 hrs. Ideally, prior to fabrication condition the laminate and substrate for min. 48 hrs. at 45%-55% RH level.

Bry-Air has successfully installed Dehumidifiers at various laminate manufacturing units to provide long-lasting laminates to the end-user.

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Bry-Air and Literacy India celebrate their 10th and 25th anniversary of CSR initiatives respectively. Bry-Air and DRI, the two flagship companies of the Pahwa Group, have enriched the lives of 4500+ children, youth, and women over the past decade by supporting schools for underprivileged children, digital education, scholarships, and skill development centers for underprivileged women run by Literacy India and continued their support during the pandemic. In total, 9 projects have been implemented in Haryana and Rajasthan such as:

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  • Education-Bry -Air Pathshala, Gurugram; DRI Pathshala, Gurugram
  • Digital education-Bry-Air Gyantantra Digital, Dost at Sarai Alawardy (Gurugram) DRI Gyantantra Digital Dost at Bhiwadi (Alwar), Bhaim Nagar (Gurugram), Bajghera, (Gurugram)
  • Rain Water Harvesting-Bajghera (Gurugram)
  • Higher Education-Scholarship (Paramedical Courses-Diploma in Radiology and Technical Course-Tool & Die Maker and Mechatronics).
  • Creating awareness programs through plays-Munia Ki Duniya, Ali Baba Chalish Chore, Mere Gaown Ka Gandhi Jinda Hai

Our recent events

  • CPHI/P-mec India 2021, Greater Noida
  • World Mithai & Namkeen Convention, Jaipur
  • India Battery Manufacturing & Supply Chain Summit, Delhi
  • Indo-Nepal Business Expo, Nepal

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