FFB 4500 …. The Little Giant

Small in size only

Most people believe that small machines cannot fit into industrial spaces. Our compact dehumidifier has proven them wrong. With the latest addition to the compact dehumidifier family, the FFB 4500 provides effective moisture control with “the toughness” of industrial dehumidifiers.

  • Compact and light weight
  • Place it anywhere mount on the wall/ceiling/ table/ floor
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Stainless steel option available.

Customization is available to meet customer requirements.

Overall benefits

For applications requiring portable solution, the FFB 4500 can be mounted on a trolley for mobility. It is weatherproof for outdoor use, so it can be mounted outside. A variety of industries can benefit from it, including pharmaceuticals, food processing units, leather, healthcare, electronics, and many others.

A Bry-Air Compact Dehumidifier can be installed in any area where humidity control is required. To meet all your dehumidification requirements, it ranges between 170 CMH and 4500 CMH.

Did you know?

Silica Gel can be life saver for a wet smartphone.

Silica Gel works wonders when you accidentally wet your phone.

Silica Gel absorbs moisture quicker than uncooked rice. Simply keep the wet phone in a zip-lock pouch for 2-3 days and silica gel will do the rest.

Latest From Bry-Air

Portability and space consumption are few factors that everyone considers while making a a purchase of any gadget or electronic appliance.

A large focus of technology upgrade is how to make device smaller.

Nobody would have imagined in the 80’s or earlier that a telephone could fit in your pockets and could be carried wherever you move.

Fortunately, bulky devices like televisions and computers have been replaced by their smaller clones without compromising on their power, performance and functionality. But, have you ever wondered how such mini-gadgets function and what conditions make them more powerful?

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Each transaction of smart digital payments is recorded on multiple servers. Due to the large volume of transactions and complexity of data storage, financial organizations invest a significant amount in building robust IT infrastructure and Data Centres.

A Data Center is an essential component for business continuity. A Data Center have to operate at all times in order to guarantee business continuity.

Excess moisture adversely affects bonding and increases defect rates. Condensation on surfaces can also cause corrosion of components and cause operational failure.

Dehumidifier to the rescue

The dehumidifier solves the environmental control problem while maintaining the desired moisture load along with the temperature. The dehumidifier reduces the dew point to such a level that condensation is prevented.

Bry-Air offers a wide range of the Dehumidifier considering the industry needs. One can invest in compact, standard or customized dehumidifier to cater all humidity related problems.

The RH level can fluctuate in semiconductor processes such as assembly, wafer fabrication, photolithography rooms, and vacuum chambers, posing many challenges.

The resist characteristics change, bake-out times increase, and the entire process becomes random and unpredictable.

Some interesting facts Intel and Samsung are the world’s biggest producers of semiconductors in 2020. Together, they have captured 18% of the market share. *Source: Gartner

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Switch to Secure Environment

Has your purchasing pattern changed since Covid-19 broke out? Do you avoid visiting banks 4IIt ‘ for every transaction to save on – time and traveling hassles? For minor ailments, do you prefer video conferencing with your health practitioner? Have you become a frequent user of OTT platforms? Many of you must be nodding your head in agreement for the above questions.

Undoubtedly, convenient online shopping has transformed the world and the way we shop. Shopping, banking, entertainment and healthcare are all controlled by convenience. Yet, do you know what makes these platforms strong, easy to use, and accessible? It’s Data centres.

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Data Centre the backbone

Data centre is the backbone of every industry. Online shopping giant Amazon has 100+ AWS Data centres around the world whereas the IT giants Microsoft and Google operate 200+ and 20+ Data Centres respectively. Organisations and online portals can’t afford to be unavailable for even a few minutes. Downtime means huge losses for their business. Continuous operations require tier 4 data centres. Tier 4 signifies that the Data centre is efficient and ‘fault tolerant’ with ‘zero’ scope of system failure.

Secure environmental control system

The air surrounding the Data Centre is crucial. The Data centre needs an efficient, secure environment control system to increase uptime. Apart from temperature-conditioning, humidity control is necessary to prevent corrosion, reduce static electricity, and provide personal comfort.

Installing a desiccant dehumidifier is advisable for dealing with humidity problems. Additionally, to tackle airborne contamination caused by nearby process industries, landfill sites, open drains or heavy traffic zones, Data Centre Air Purifiers should be installed. This product is unique in its application to large or small data centres and server rooms that have polluted indoor environments due to a multitude of pollutants around the perimeter. This system uses adsorption and chemisorption process to remove airborne gases in order to avoid damaging the hardware. This protects data centers from sudden power outages and electronic corrosion.

As your mission-critical partner, Bry-Air can help to prevent corrosion and increase the uptime and performance of your data center.

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Providing vision to the underprivileged

Benefiting 34,000+ people with

  • Free eye check-ups
  • Spectacles
  • Cataract surgeries

through Bry-Air organised eye camps in North India.


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Wishing all the best to our mentor

Sonali Dutta has been mentoring its marketing, intellectual property, human resource and CSR teams. Bry-Air’s aggressive marketing strategy and reputation have benefited from her efforts.

Bry-Air family wishes her a happy and prosperous retirement and bids a fond farewell to an integral member of the team.

Born to shine … Cheers to our Para-Champions!

Proud to be associated with GoSports Foundation in your journey. Avani Lekhkar, Sumit Antil, Krishna Nagar, P Bhagat and other Para-champions who brought 19 medals to India at the Tolyo Olympics 2020.

These para-athletes have debunked the myths associated with their disability and proved their physical impairment doesn’t stop them in bringing pride to the nation.

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