Bry-Air Unveiled waterless plastic dryer Green DrySmart– GDP Series

Bry-Air’s experience in ‘art of drying ‘ is reaching new heights with its waterless plastic dryer, the Green DrySmart™ Series (GDS)

This latest invention has reiterated Bry-Air Knows Drying best It is developed to meet the new age drying needs of plastic processors. This super-intelligent series reduces the utility and installation cost. It’s a green product which promises to deliver up to 40% reduction in operational cost.

The energy efficient, hassle-free desiccant dryer eliminates the requirement of cooling water, heat exchanger for pre-cooling or water hose and its complicated piping. GDS is compact in size and has a mobile base, provides improved performance with greater mobility.

The uncontrolled humidity created due to water vapours in and around the processing plants during processing, packaging, storage, often, plays a party spoiler. Moisture control is essential in every segment of the food industry in the spheres of storage, production, packing, processing, and low-temperature drying Uncontrolled humidity is the enemy of an efficient food processing system and moisture in the air can lead to condensation to develop and is the perfect ground for the bacteria to grow -both of which can cause severe damages in terms of food, and money invested.

Bry-Air Green DrySmart

The GDS is embedded with patented honeycomb rotor technology with special geometry and chemistry. It helps reduce the APEX and other CAPEX costs leading to significant savings which is difficult to derive from other dryers currently available in the market.

The return-on-investment vis -a-vis a standard dryer is faster and hence, the Bry-Air Green DrySmart is slated to be next breakthrough in Plastic Drying. It can deliver < (-) 40°C dewpoint even at 70°C return air to desiccant rotor inlet GDS is ideal for plastic processors which require less than -60°C dew point including automotive, medical plastics, white goods, electrical, packaging, toy, wire and Cable, mobile accessories, biodegradable plastics and many more.

It is ideal for processors who are looking for energy efficient solutions with convenience and portability.

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  • Increase productivity
  • Energise workers
  • 100% fresh & cool air
  • Economical solutions

There are three typical methods which can be employed to cool the buildings;

  • Natural ventilation
  • Conditioning of air through Evaporative Cooling

The choice of system can have a dramatic effect on the energy consumed by the building due to their different electrical demands. Ventilation systems can provide comfort cooling for most of the year. During prolong period of high temperature they are unable to maintain internal temperatures at comfortable level.

Air conditioning is effective but can be expensive to operate

Evaporative cooling can produce comfortable temperature consistently provides an intermediate solution which consumes only a fraction of the electricity. The economics of using evaporative cooling is attractive. Up to 80% reduction in energy used by using evaporative cooling compared to a conventional air conditioning unit seems too good to be true.

Arctic (Ducted) Evaporative Coolers are the world’s best performing evaporative air coolers, having advantages like:

  • Centrifugal blower
  • Highest static and longest throw
  • Highest cooling efficiency
  • Strongest rust proof metal body

Arctic ducted range of air coolers is ideal for industrial factory floor cooling and commercial applications such as schools, restaurants, halls, religious places, villas etc. Available in various air flow models, these coolers are plug and play and installation services are available through our partners in every state.

Arctic coolers also have a range of free flow spot coolers and indirect evaporative coolers.

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The pandemic has taught us over-reliance on any country for any key product could hamper its production and subsequently the supply chain. Being, a global supplier of generic drugs, India was largely dependent on China for last three decades. During the early 90 s, China has emerged as API producer tapping the Indian market with cheaper products. Now, amid pandemic outburst, its time for India to revive or scale up API indigenous production.

API, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, which is key ingredient used to produce finished medicine actually a mixture of chemical compounds which cure the disease ego API Paracetamol is the key ingredient for Crocin. In absence of API, medicine cannot meet the strict quality criteria

Thus, the quality of an API is crucial. When Moisture is Torture!

Top API imported from China:

  • Antibiotics
  • NSAIDs
  • ARVs
  • Anti-epileptic
  • Basic cancer products.


API is moisture sensitive

For API manufacturing, the re commended environmental control solutions should be used at all manufacturing stages. The relative humidity level in combination with temperature is utmost importance. High humidity level can adversely impact the physical properties of the API and In turn the pharmaceutical product can affect the chemical reactivity, and the shelf-life of the final Pharmaceutical product

The excess humidity can lead to following problems:

  • Agglomeration
  • Uneven distribution of ingredients
  • Bacterial contamination Inconsistency and clogging
  • Caking and lumping during tablet compression


The Solution

Thus, investments in advanced Dehumidification technologies are a prerequisite for API manufacturing. Dehumidification can help in achieving quality standards, API consistent production, stable, free-flowing materials for formulation, packaging, storage and transport. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers maintain ideal humidity level and a dry environment which prevents degradation, ensures safe and hygienic storage conditions and reduced rejects.

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