Mr. Deepak Pahwa honoured at IIT (BHU) Centenary Celebrations

Speaking at the centenary celebrations, Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Chairman, Pahwa Group and Managing Director, Bry-Air and an alumnus of IIT BHU-1969 batch shared his journey and the values which have been inculcated at IIT (BHU). In his speech, he shared his success mantra “innovation is life” as he believes that Watch his inspiring speech on Youtube.

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Initiatives announced for IIT (BHU) students

To expand the horizon of students, Mr. Deepak Pahwa has announced

  • Bry-Air Awards for Excellence to the student winner and runner up of the Annual Design Contest, at IIT (BHU).
  • Sponsoring and facilitating the study tour for the nominated students to the industry expositions under ‘BALI… Bry-Air Learning Initiative’ as Mr. Pahwa believes that the best way to learn what is new is to travel to trade shows.

These initiatives would benefit students and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the latest introductions in the field of HVAC&R. For last four years, Bry-Air has sponsored study tours for over 250 students from different engineering institutes.

We are never too far from you . . .

  • ET Auto Electric Conclave, India
  • Battery India 2019
  • Nepal Health & Pharma 2019, Nepal
  • Food Tech, India
  • IPF Bangladesh
  • P-Mec, India
  • IndoPlas, India
  • IPPTA Seminar, India
  • Asia Pharma Expo, Bangladesh
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Congress

and many more …

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Every year, Defence Forces spend a huge amount in procuring the defence resources to strengthen its defence capabilities. Any product failure or malfunction due to surrounding environment handicaps the army, causing a serious threat and impairing the battlefield readiness of the country. Excess moisture can damage the defence equipment and other material which are stocked for a longer duration for example arms, electronic equipment, uniforms, stored ration (especially sugar and salt), parachutes, leather boots, tyres, maps and many more. These products can be prevented through the process of dehumidification, where the desired moisture level can be maintained.

Bry-Air has the complete range of products and solutions to cater to moisture/humidity problems in defence sector.

Firing effective tear gas grenades

Tear gas (CS) is an effective solution for riot control. However, the uncontrolled humidity cause lumps in CS powder inside weapon-shell which delays the smoke formation when required.

Establish strong missile defence

Missiles are chosen for their strike capabilities deep inside neighbouring countries. It is expected to perform even after many years of manufacturing. But the temperature fluctuations and uncontrolled humidity can affect its operational reliability and quality.

Ensure safe landing through parachutes

Usually, after skydiving the water vapour condenses on the canopy of parachutes, propagates fungus, mould and other rotting agents.

It damages the parachute membrane thereby causing parachutes fail to open which is extremely unsafe for landing.

Recommended Temperature
Recommended RH Level
Missile assembly
27 °C
Missile storage
35-40 %
Ammunition storage
18-29 °C
35-40 %
Ships storage
40-45 %
Parachute drying
35 °C
35-40 %
Leather Storage (uniforms, boots)
10-15 °C
40-45 %
Tear gas storage
22-24 °C
45-55 %

Protecting the army

The metal made arms and ammunition are susceptible to damage by moisture, a base for rust and corrosion of metal parts and can disrupt its functioning.

Safeguarding coastal surveillance system

The coastal surveillance system is a chain of remote sensor stations that are linked to Remote Operating Stations (ROS). These ROSs are equipped with VHF communication (radio) system, electro-optic sensors, radars and meteorological sensors to provide real-time information to the Control Centre. The critical electronic components are susceptible to corrosion due to high humidity at the coastal line.

Maintain mothballed warships

Often, the high humidity at the coastal areas damages these mothballed ships. Thus for future reactivation, dehumidification is required to protect its sophisticated instruments from corrosion.

Dehumidification is the simplest and cost-effective solution for humidity control.

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