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“Today, the role of technology in traceability, real time analysis, measurement and control of moisture during processing, recyclability and predictive maintenance are all the more important for plastics auxiliary manufacturers,” believes Deepayan Das, in dialogue with POLYMERS Communique.

Deepayan Das, Executive Vice President, Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram

Q. You had a recent launch at PVI 2020 of your waterless plastic dryer. How do you see this benefitting your customers? What about the capex and opex of this new product? Is any analysis done?

The produce launched will be a game-changer for plastic drying. We have been at the forefront of plastic drying since we launched the first plastic dryer in India way back in the early ’80s and with this product, we have ushered in a new generation of plastic dryers. With this addition, our customers can benefit from a lower power consumption, do away with the requirement of chilled water and yet get the best drying solutions for their resins. This will be a premium product and we are yet to officially launch the price for the same. As far as the opex is concerned, the savings can be upto 30% with a marginal increase in capex. Customers can with the benefits expect a payback in less than one year.

Q. Is the development and technology of your waterless plastic dryer indigenous?

Yes, it’s a purely and proudly indigenous technology, that’s a moment of pride for us. Today, we are glad to have played a major role as regards the humidification technology.

Q. In situ drying is gathering momentum; what are your solutions in this regards?

We, at Bry-Air, believe that drying is a science and are happy that drying as a technology is gaining momentum where we have the widest and complete range of plastic drying solutions for the industry. Starting with our nano dryers to our centralised drying solutions and now, the waterless dryer, we can give the best solution for any plastic drying need.

Q. How do you maximise the usage of ‘cloud’ as regards your product operation, monitoring and maintenance?

One of the most important parameters any plastic customer would want to monitor is the effectiveness of their drying process. Bry-Air Prokon’s Moisture MinderTM incorporting the patented BRYSCANTM sensor technology is a first in the industry, providing real-time inline moisture measurement for various applications in the plastics industry.

This innovative system can provide accurate and complete solution to monitor, record and measure pre- and post-drying moisture levels in the polymer. Through our cloud-based system, customers can monitor the drying process remotely and have live feedback on the effectiveness of the drying process. With our new MM CONNECTTM, all the foundational technology advances for Industry 4.0 are fully provided. This system also helps processors with traceability.

Q. Being a dominant player in the drying industry (for plastics), what steps do you take to ensure customer centricity?

The industry is fast evolving and so is the Indian consumer’s appetite. New age plastics is driving the growth with recyclability of materials playing a critical role. Technology adoption in such a scenario has a pivotal role to play.

The consumer/manufacturer is more concerned about the grade of plastic being manufactured/used, stringent quality checks it has undergone, certification by leading domestic and international bodies of repute and none but the least conformability and recyclability.

Hence, role of technology in traceability, real time analysis, measurement and control o moisture during processing, recyclability and predictive maintenance are all the more important for plastics auxiliary manufacturers.

Keeping this in mind, we work with our customers through various forums like exhibitions, shows and seminars. We not only work with them, but cover the entire spectrum of the industry like raw material manufacturers, OEMs, processors and also educate the end users. Thus, we work across the complete value chain of the industry. Our trained engineers are already available to support our customers with any solution that they might need for their business.

Q. How would you rank yourself as regards the adoption of IoT and Industry 4.0 in context of the solutions you offer?

Adapting AI and other such augmented technology tools in manufacturing is leading the way and plastics auxiliary industry is no exception. We have the capability to provide solutions which helps customers in their march towards Industry 4.0. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we customise our products and services.

Q. A management strategy that you strongly believe in?

Innovation is life and thereby the industry should recognise us as the leaders in drying technology.

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