Innovative Solutions Enable Smooth Operation in Paper and Pulp Industry

ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division (ITC-PSPD), the largest manufacturer of Packaging and Graphic Boards in South Asia, faced the issue of high downtime in their control and DCS rooms. Seeking a solution, they reached out to Bry-Air, who recommended installing granular media based thin vertical (TV) systems in their critical rooms. Installation of Thin Vertical (TV) systems successfully increased the uptime of the ITC-PSPD critical equipment.

About ITC Limited

ITC-PSPD, Bhadrachalam plant is the single largest plant in India with a production capacity of 8,00,000 TPA Virgin Paper & Paperboards. ITC-PSPD is ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System Standard and ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System Standard certified.


High downtime due to failure of electrical and electronic equipment. This problem was predominantly caused by corrosive gases such as SOx, NOx, CO2, H2S, Cl2, etc.. These gases are generated in various processes involved in pulp mills, soda recovery boilers, ETP plants etc.


To remove the corrosive gases in the critical equipment rooms, ITC-PSPD collaborated with Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt Ltd., experts in the air treatment solutions. Our Airgineers® closely worked and measured corrosion levels in an enclosed environment of critical rooms using our Corrosion Classification Coupon (CCC).

We provided effective strategies to combat the poor gaseous environment causing corrosion and ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the critical rooms.

We suggested installing the Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration (GPF) System – BPU Thin Vertical Air Purification System considering the areas of the corrosion-sensitive critical rooms.


Bry-Air has been in association with  ITC-PSPD from FY 2015-16. Our current installation base in their plants is 74 units across different process areas such as Pulp Mill, Soda Recovery Plant, Utility and ETP Plant. Following the performance, quality and standards of Bry-Air products with good service support,  ITC-PSPD installed another 49 units of Bry-Air products in the FY 2022-23 for their new projects requirement (HPRB & PEP4) for the below given application areas:

  • TG HT Switchgear room
  • TG VFD Room
  • TG Boiler IO Panel room
  • TG Control room TG & boiler
  • TG JH room
  • TG IO Panel room
  • TG AM Office
  • TG MCC room
  • Boiler PCC & IMCC room
  • Boiler HT Switch gear room
  • Boiler VFD & IMCC room
  • ESP VFD and IMCC room
  • ESP IO Panel room
  • NE6 PCC & IMCC room
  • NE6 DB room
  • NE6 Operator room
  • NE6 Control room
  • NE6 HT Switch gear room
  • NE6 IMCC room
  • NE6 IO rack room
  • Pulp mill PCC room
  • Pulp mill Switch gear room
  • Pulp mill IO room
  • Chipper MCC room
  • NFL-2 VFD room

Key Benefits

The installation of Bry-Air BPU Thin Vertical Air Purification Systems in ITC-PSPD, Bhadrachalam facility brings a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Help meet ISA 71.04-2013 G1 class environment inside the closed room
  • Efficient removal of airborne contaminants and corrosive gases
  • Safeguard sensitive electronic and electrical equipment from corrosion

Recommendation Products For Problem

Bry-Air offers a wide range of gas phase filtration systems with different capacities to meet specific requirements. These models include:

  • Control Room Air Purifier (500-2000 CFM)*
  • Thin Vertical Bed System (500-2000CFM)*
  • BryShield (100 and 250 CFM)

*Customisation available as per request

Client / Region

ITC-PSPD / South India

Industry / Application

Paper and Pulp


Electronic Corrosion


Installation of Bry-Air EcoScrub Thin Vertical Gas Phase Filtration (GPF) System

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