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Green DryPurge® Dehumidifier – GDP Series


Bry-Air engineered dehumidifiers maintain stringent Dry Room conditions for Lithium Battery production.

Tailored exclusively for Lithium Battery manufacturing and embedded with Patented Green DryPurge® (GDP) Technology, the dehumidifier from Bry-Air is the most energy efficient dehumidifier for <1% RH dry rooms and is patent of Bry-Air (Asia).

The GDP dehumidifiers are specially designed and customized for low dew point job requirements and control moisture levels in the Lithium Battery manufacturing areas from -40°C to -80°C dew point depending on the process being carried out.

The Green DryPurge® (GDP) Advantage… Cutting Edge Technology

  • Highest low dew point supply air CMH/kW of regeneration: High Performance Efficiency/Energy Efficient
  • Single Rotor Machine: for as low as (-) 80 °C
  • High Performance Rotor: pH neutral, water washable
  • Own Rotor Manufacturing
  • Performance Demonstration (Type Test): each design can be pre validated in our dynamic test lab
  • Manufacturing Capability and Quality Certifications
  • Unit Construction: robust, durable, > 20 years life
  • Adjustability of Fresh Air Fraction
  • No Post Cooling Coil Required: feature of patented technology
  • Patented Green Drypurge® (GDP) Technology

Green DryPurge® (GDP) – Typical Applications

The Bry-Air’s Green DryPurge® Dehumidifier ensures recommended Dry Room conditions for lithium battery manufacturing, safety glass, automotive hybrid batteries, medical devices, very low RH Pharma production and a selective few other niche applications like special grade coloured nylon blended bottles, etc.

Bry-Air has the product and global standard technology for dry rooms.

Bry-Air has proven success in meeting the stringent requirement of dew point lower than (-) 80 °C with a single rotor.

Bry-Air Patented Green DryPurge® (GDP) Technology

  • drypurge_diagram11 patent(s) applications filed globally and 8 granted / allowed already including USA, China, Mexico, Japan, S. Africa, South Korea, Canada, Europe…
  • Green DryPurge®  is proprietary technology of Bry-Air and is patent protected in several jurisdictions. Details are available at

Dry Room incorporating Patented Green DryPurge® (GDP) Technology

for low dew point dehumidifier requirement

Bry-Air, the leader in dehumidification…worldwide and having over 55 years of experience in providing moisture control solutions for the most complex and critical industrial applications, helps support you with all your Dry Room requirements under a single roof. Click here for more information on Dry Room.




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