BryShield is a first of its kind, innovative air filtration system that prevents electronic corrosion by removing gaseous and particulate contaminants from the air. It is compact, ceiling suspended and aesthetically designed to easily fit into the false ceiling just like a cassette AC.

Bry-Air-BryShieldWhile its applications are numerous, it is especially relevant for small server rooms.  Servers are sensitive electronic equipment that are very susceptible to electronic corrosion which leads to server failure and downtime. Recent statistics state that 75% of micro-electronic failure is caused due to corrosion. Servers house important information, and downtime of mere seconds can lead to huge losses. Especially in the present-day world, where digital landscape forms the backbone of every business.

The problem is compounded given the poor air quality in most cities and industrial areas. It is especially worse in areas with close proximity to landfill sites, sewage drains and excess vehicular exhaust. Frequent opening of doors and windows for movement and ventilation, only leads to more unfiltered outdoor air coming in the room which adds to the problem.

Precision air-conditioning does not solve the problem as it does not remove the gaseous contaminants from the air.

When air with toxic gases like NO2, VOCs, Cl2, H2S, SOx etc. comes in contact with humidity, it creates acid like formation which causes electronic corrosion.


BryShield uses Bry-Air’s patented technology of Honeycomb Chemical Filters – DRISORB™. The macro-porous desiccant based honeycomb matrix filters have a high bulk density, structural strength and adsorption capacity. They completely neutralize all the toxic gases and give out clean air. These filters last over a year and are very easy to replace.

The BryShield helps ensure consistent uptime through shielding the electronic equipment from corrosive gases. It effectively removes particulates and gaseous contaminants from confined space and addresses the serious threat arising from airborne molecular contamination.

Silent FeaturesSalient features of BryShield

  • Ceiling mounted
  • Compact and light weight
  • Energy efficient
  • No noise pollution
  • Remote controlled
  • Aesthetically designed

How does it work ?

The BryShield functioning consists of 3 stage process. In stage I, the contaminant laden air enters through the bottom grill of the ceiling mounted machine and air is pre-filtered from large particulates. It is made to pass through the multiple beds of DRISORB honeycomb chemical filters. The corrosive gases are captured and neutralized in the filter by an adsorption and chemisorption process. At stage II and III, air is filtered again to remove sub-micron particulates. Eventually, the clean air is released from the sides.

Salient features of DRISORB™ – Honeycomb Chemical Filter

  • KMnO4 & other impregnates to cater to various gases
  • Stainless steel filter cassettes
  • As per ASHRAE 145.2 and ISO1155-2 standards

Honeycomb Chemical Filters

Application Areas

Ideal for small server rooms, control rooms and electronic equipment rooms in

  • Banks
  • IT companies
  • Telecom sites
  • Hospitals
  • Media & broadcasting companies
  • R&D centres
  • Smoking lounges… where indoor environment is affected due to various pollutants.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

BryShield ensures smooth functioning and longevity of sensitive, expensive equipment. It is available in 2 models MCU-100 and MCU-250 and both are light weight. It helps meet ISA71.04-2013 standard in data centres.

Our Gas Phase Filtration systems customized for the server rooms come with the deep understanding and expertise of over 58 years of experience in providing quality air solution across various industries.



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