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Honeycomb Chemical Filter – DRISORBTM Series


Bry-Air achieved yet another breakthrough benchmark in Honeycomb chemical filter technology. Bry-Air’s new macroporous honeycomb matrix-based chemical filter provides the largest amount of chemical for chemisorption. It can neutralize even ultra-low concentration of gaseous contaminants. This new technology efficiently and effectively removes contaminants from air supply stream, comprising of gases, odour elements or volatile organic compounds.

Fluted Media Chemical Filters

This is a superior technology as compared to granular packed bed filter. A macroporous desiccant based Honeycomb Matrix comprising of a flat and corrugated sheet of Active Desiccant. The substrate is of inorganic fibre media. It has high efficiency and reliability. This is designed for higher airflow, therefore, requires a lower face area and has a lower pressure drop. This also eliminates the requirement of after filter

Fluted Media Chemical Filter has high “%” impregnation of Potassium Permanganate (typical 15 % of KMNO4)

Formed v/s Extruded Honeycomb Chemical Filter

Extruded Honeycomb Carbon Filter Formed Honeycomb Chemical Filter
Very fragile Very high structural strength
Limited mainly to active carbon Available with choices of oxidizing agents, alkaline solutions
Limited bulk density High Bulk density
Limited impregnate loading Impregnate loading are often 3-5 times of what can be put on an extruded carbon honeycomb
Not impregnated with permanganate Can be impregnated with permanganate, hydroxides, phosphoric acid, bicarbonates
High-pressure drop Low-pressure drop
High footprint Low footprint
Low adsorption capacity Very high adsorption capacity
Shorter meantime between replacement Longer meantime between replacement (MTBR)
125 FPM face velocity 400 – 600 FPM face velocity
Less efficient More efficient
Uses more power and energy Low in energy cost
Large size of chemical filter Reduced size of chemical filter equipment
Cannot be treated with antibacterial agents Can be made bactericidal

Advantages of DRISORBTM Honeycomb Chemical Filter

  • Bulk Density > 20 lbs/cu.ft
  • Honeycomb Monolith Media Available in 1” to 12” Depths in Standard and Custom Filter Sizes
  • Air Flow Range is 400 to 600 FPM
  • Tested by Most Respectable RTI Lab of USA
  • Longer Life (Higher MTBR)
  • Tested in Accordance with ASHRAE 145.2P and ISO 11155-2
  • Only Honeycomb Filter with Permanganate
  • Very High Capacity
  • Very Low-Pressure Drop
  • Available in Combination with Various Impregnates
  • Backed by Bry-Air’s Cutting Edge State-of-the-Art R&D and Testing Facilities

Honeycomb Chemical filter can be used in a wide range of industries

The new honeycomb matrix technology can be used both in commercial and industrial applications and is ideal for human and hardware health. It removes contaminants, eliminates odour and reduces downtime by removing toxic/corrosive gases through the process of chemisorption making it ideal for gas phase filtration in:

Bry-Air Honeycomb Combination
Honeycomb Chemical Filter Chemical Media


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