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Adsorption Chiller Advantages

Unbeatable Advantages

  • Long product life (>25 yrs.)
  • Low maintenance
  • Regeneration temperature as low as 50ºC
  • ‘Green’ refrigerant (water)
  • Low electric consumption (one-tenth the conventional system)
  • No noise and vibration


Additional Advantages

  • Start-up time 5 to 7 minutes compared to 15 minutes for Absorption
  • Chilled water output 5°C-10°C (40°- 55°F)
  • No crystallization, corrosion, hazardous leaks, or chemical disposal issues
  • No vibration or noise. Simple and continuous operations
  • COP of 0.55 (Coefficient of Performance)
  • Versatile operation – Can be used for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications






The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on an innovative green technology, and is the first of its kind in India, and is being manufactured in India.

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