» Over 56,000 lives impacted in the past decade by Bry-Air’s CSR initiatives
BryairMedia CoverageOver 56,000 lives impacted in the past decade by Bry-Air’s CSR initiatives

Over 56,000 lives impacted in the past decade by Bry-Air’s CSR initiatives

Bry-Air (Asia) | The CSR Journal | May 26, 2021


Bry-Air (Asia), a flagship company of Pahwa Group, has completed a decade of enriching lives through its initiatives for the society at large.

Through numerous CSR programmes, the company’s initiative is focused on empowering communities through education, skill development, providing healthcare (vision/eye care), clean drinking water, sanitation and focusing on the environment.

The core objective of the company is to reach out to the direct beneficiaries through their CSR initiatives and mainly focusing on Vision (Eye Care), Education, Environment and Sustainability of the community. Bry-Air in association with their NGO partners has touched over 56,000 lives, directly impacting the beneficiaries by enhancing  their quality of life:

With cataract surgeries for the older people in the rural areas, skill development for livelihood of women and youth, clean and cool drinking water and sanitation facilities for the rural households, schools for underprivileged, afforestation and restoration of green belts for a greener environment.

On completing a decade, the company has released a video showcasing how they have reached the far flung areas through different initiatives, with the aim to develop the society and extend their help whenever needed.

Other than this, the company also recognizes its business activities to have a direct as well as indirect impact on the community it operates.

Speaking on the development, Anandita Pahwa, Head – CSR Initiatives, Pahwa Group said, “At Pahwa group, ‘Environment and Education’ are deeply integrated into our philosophy. Our focus has been on environment to protect our forest, and conserve the flora and fauna. Apart from this, we are focused on extending our help to under privileged students through free education. I would like to thank all  our NGO partners  who have helped us   to do a bit for the society. Right now our focus is providing support through oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, dry rations and medicines as well to  keep our projects going.


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