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Bry-Air EcoScrub Air and Gas Purification System to check … degradation of artifacts in Museums, Libraries and Archives

In museums and other “preservation environment”, temperature, humidity, particulates and gaseous contaminants cause degra­dation of priceless artifacts / objects. Of these, the most destructive are gaseous contaminants e.g. sulphur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide.

Concentrations of gaseous conta­minants in these “preservation environments” need to be maintained as low as attainable. This can be accomplished through the use of various dry scrubbing air filtration media employing the processes of physical adsorption and/or chemisorption.

The source of these contaminant gases can be:

  • Artifacts and archival materials themselves.
  • Materials and activities asso­ciated with restoration and conservation.
  • Automotive or industrial emissions migrating from the outside atmosphere.
  • Employees and patrons.

Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration System (GPF)

Provides an ideal and cost effective solution to degra­dation control of artifacts in museums, libraries and archives. Available in four different models ranging from 500 CFM (850 CMH) to 2000 CFM (3400 CMH), both as pressurization as well as recirculation modes, all EcoScrub units are designed to operate and maintain contaminant gas levels at 1 ppb or less.

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