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Low grade waste heat is produced in abundance and wasted in power plants.

This low grade waste heat can now be used efficiently for process cooling or airconditioning, making optimal use of energy in your organisation. The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller can convert this heat into usable cooling.

The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on advanced green technology using inert, very special Silica Gel S2 (a sorbent) and Water (refrigerant) pair.

Why Adsorption Chiller in Power Plants?

  • Lower your Energy Cost
  • Lower CO2 Emissions
  • Environment Friendly/Green Technology
  • Possible source of getting carbon credit

Sources of Low Grade Waste Heat

  • Boiler Exhaust (150°C–200°C) – can be tapped by recovering waste heat to generate hot water for Adsorption Chiller
  • Boiler Blow Down – 3% of the total boiler capacity that is used for blow down, can be utilized in Adsorption Chiller as heat source
  • Boiler Condensate – can be utilized in Adsorption Chiller as heat source
  • Some power plants generate hot water at 60°C in PRDS stations to cool down the steam, which can be used as heat source

The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on an innovative green technology, and is the first of its kind in India, and is being manufactured in India.

Main Benefits:

Factors Adsorption Chiller
Life Expectancy Long life (more than 20 years)
Energy Consumption Ultra-low electricity consumption
Maintenance Negligible maintenance
Regeneration Temperature
(Hot Water)
Down to 50°C (122°F)
Desiccant Used Special Silica Gel (Inert) S2
Replacement Requirements
(Periodic Maintenance)
Not required
Noise Levels No noise and vibration
Operations Ideal for extended operating times
Refrigerant “Green” refrigerant (water) and inert,
special desiccant (silica gel) S2
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