Bry-Air Combo Dryer | Drying Hopper and Loader | Bry-Air

Combo Dryers


  • A totally self contained unit
  • Rotor is non-flammable with organic <2%
  • BrySmart (microprocessor based controller) to supervise the operation, fault management along with display messaging of system parameters and faults
  • Intelligent power circuit switching to minimize voltage drops in unit supply system


  • Insulated (glass wool type) double wall construction
  • Emergency drain out for quick change of batch
  • Slide gate to control material flow


  • Micro PLC controller
  • Quick removable clamps for material and Vacuum hoses
  • Cartridge type dust replant high efficiency paper filter
  • Heavy duty regenerative vacuum pump
  • Air and material conveying through highly loader vacuum hoses flexible PVC/PU hoses
  • Transparent thunder hoses for visibility paper filter of conveying material

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