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BryairNewsBry-Air Celebrated Earth Day at Sanjay Van 2015

Bry-Air Celebrated Earth Day at Sanjay Van 2015

As we celebrate the Earth Day, a group of passionate and concerned citizens are doing their bit to reduce carbon footprint. At Sanjay Van, at the heart of Delhi, Working with Nature, a citizen group led by 77 year old Air Vice Marshall (Retd) Vinod Rawat, has been for the last 5 years working towards preserving Sanjay Van with water conservation projects, tree plantation and pollution control measures. Sanjay Van has now become a bird’s paradise and favourite jogging destination for many.

SanjayVan_2 SanjayVan_1

Bry-Air, Leaders in Dehumidification…Worldwide, has been supporting WWN for the last 5 years in their effort to re-energize the green lungs of Delhi. View Video on YouTube.

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