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Bry-Air BrySmart Series (BBS)

Bry-Air BrySmart Series (BBS)
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The new, Bry-Air BrySmart Series (BBS) Dehumidifiersis is embedded with patented* BrySmart ® and BryThermTM  technologies. The latest product offering from Bry-Air is designed for continuously optimizing Dynamic Specific Performance (DSP) and incorporates BHPTM   (Bry-Air High Performance) rotor with special geometry and chemistry.

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  1. Embedded with patented* BrySmart ®  technology
    • Energy saving upto 48%
    • Optimized Dehumidifier performance
    • Reduced annual Energy consumption
    • Lower energy usage & maintenance cost
    • Green technology


  1. DPS ... Dynamic Specific Performance
    • Continuously senses and monitors temperature at varying locations in the rotor thus providing data for continuously optmizing performance


  1. Embedded with patented* BryThermTM   Technology
    • Ensures maximum flexibility in operation
    • User has the option to control parameter


  1. Incorporating BHPTM  Technology
    •  The customized rotor delivers an additional energy saving of upto 20% by reducing initial react energy input for equivalent performance of standard dehumidifiers


  1. Optional...Bry-Air PrognosTM  
    • Most advanced tool for predictive failure/maintenance...the new world order for continuously diagnosing and forecasting components failure e.g. heater, drivers, switchgears, etc.



BBS with BrySmart



  • Upto 48% energy saving
  • Faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Designed aesthetically for ruggedness and long life


Key Features:

  • No top-up heater required
  • Real time energy optimization
  • Special algorithm to collectively modulate rotor speed, reactivating airflow, temperature and process bypass
  • RS232 and RS485 communication ports
  • Ethernet port
  • 7 inch colour touch panel for easy operation/control
  • Bacnet/ modBus communication protocol
  • Remote start/ stop - facility to switch on/off the dehumidifier from a remote location
  • Remote fault warning output


The BBS modulates various critical components to optimize the energy consumption on a continuous basis. This technology is a step forward in energy conservation through enhanced automation (on real time).


The BBS uses Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on various motors, thyristor control for heaters and also includes mobile connectivity for sensor monitoring, controlling and data logging.


BrySmart Technology


Remote Control & Monitoring through Android devices for Bry-Air Dehumidifiers

Remote Control & Monitoring



*BrySmart® is proprietary technology of Bry-Air and is patent protected in several jurisdictions. Details are available at



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