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Humidity/Moisture problems in Switchgear


The high humidity level in a switchgear room causes several damaging effects. It results in condensation of moisture on the switchgear surfaces when there is a sudden change in temperature because of outside (Weather) or inside (Air Conditioning) factors. The condensed moisture on the switchgear surface is detrimental to switchgear. The moisture may condense on switchgear insulator surface causing it to absorb moisture.

Moisture causes dust particles to become sticky forming a semi-conductive film on switchgear surface. Moreover, if the switchgear room is situated near any pollutant source like high-density traffic, sewer lines, landfill site or process industry, airborne gaseous contaminants also comes into play. Corrosive gases emanating out of these pollutant sources can seep into the switchgear rooms and along with moisture aggravates the corrosion problem. Humidity and corrosive gas together create a creep corrosion path on the insulators.

This creep path leads to ‘shorting out’ reduction in impedance and an increase in current leakage besides resulting in rusting and corrosion, short-circuiting, electrical and electronic component breakdowns, premature deterioration and inaccurate readings. These, in turn, have serious consequences depending on the exact nature of equipment housed in the enclosure.

The condensation problem is high in high humidity zones which includes coastal areas. Irrespective of the fact whether the switchgear rooms are non-air-conditioned or Air-Conditioned, humidity control is a must in the Switchgear Rooms. Unfortunately, the whole switchgear needs to be replaced once it is damaged due to short-circuiting. It leads to a substantial financial loss, as these are high-value equipment. Additionally, there is also revenue loss due to a system outage.

General recommendation: RH to be maintained

Bry-Air Solution

The best way to prevent damage from condensation and corrosion is to control the humidity and airborne molecular contamination in the switchgear rooms. Switchgear failure due to short-circuiting can be avoided by controlling the moisture levels to less than 50% RH at ambient condition in the room or in conjunction with an air-conditioner if the switchgear needs temperature controlled environment also. Dehumidifying the switchgear room ensures that the insulating components do not fail and power outages are prevented due to high humidity. The simplest and the most cost-effective method to control humidity is to install a Bry-Air Dehumidifier. Irrespective of the make of switchgear either imported or indigenous like SIEMENS/ABB or any switchgear, e.g. Bulk Oil/Vacuum/SF6, dehumidification is needed for all.

If the switchgear room is located in a region of high airborne gaseous contamination, then Bry-Air Gas Phase Filtration system is

Advantages of Bry-Air Dehumidifiers

  • No frequent flashover
  • Replacement of switchgear is not required.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Preventing the loss of revenue due to a power outage

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