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Green DrySmart (GDS) Dryers


Green DrySmart series (GDS) from Bry-Air is the first of its kind revolutionary Plastic Dryer which is Waterless in the truest sense.

1st time in the world – launched specifically to cater to the drying needs of next-generation plastic materials, GDS plastic dryer is able to deliver < (-) 40 °C dewpoint even at 70 °C return air to desiccant rotor inlet.*

The Bry-Air GDS dryers are developed to meet the new age drying needs. It is a Green product which promises to deliver up to 40 % reduction in running cost. In addition to the above, the dryer provides great mobility, portability and eliminates the hassles of cooling connection water hoses and dripping/leakage of condensed water. It is ideal for processors who want energy-efficient solutions with convenience and portability.

GDS-DiagramThe GDS comes embedded with honeycomb rotor technology with special geometry and chemistry. It helps reduce the operating expenses and other capital expenses costs leading to significant savings which is difficult to derive from other dryers currently available in the market. The return on investment vis-a-vis a standard dryer is faster and hence, the Bry-Air Green DrySmart is slated to be the next breakthrough in Plastic Drying.

Bry-Air Knows Drying Best and with over 55 years of experience in desiccant drying, it has yet again come up with a revolutionary drying solution for Plastic Processors. Bry-Air Dryers come with credibility and leadership in desiccant dehumidification and adsorption technologies across the globe.

Ideal Industries for GDS

  • Automotive
  • Medical Plastics
  • White Goods
  • PET [(-) 60 °C dew point required]
  • Electrical
  • Packaging
  • Sports/Toy industry
  • Wire and Cable
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Biodegradable Plastics (PLA)

…and many more

*At times the drying needs require dehumidified dry air up to (-) 60 °C of dew point for a few materials like PET, for which addition of heat exchanger is needed.

Honeycomb Vs. Twin Towers

Honeycomb Vs. Twin Towers

Installation Options

Installation Options

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