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Moisture Control in Powder Food


Powdered foods like juice concentrates, whey powder, protein supplements, soup powders, cocoa, gelatin, dehydrated soft drink concentrates, instant coffee powders and milk powders are gaining popularity in the growing world.

Effects of Uncontrolled Moisture

The presence of moisture during processing of food powders and beverage powders causes:

  • Stickiness
  • Lumping and caking
  • Cluster formation
  • Reduction of shelf-life

Causes of Uncontrolled Moisture

Due to high humidity, the powdered food often sticks to the hoppers, conveyors and packaging machine, leading to frequent breakdowns in the conveyor drive mechanism.

General Recommendations

Recommended RH for Powdered Foods

Food Powder  Temperature in ºC RH %
Instant Coffee Processing 26ºC 20% RH
Fruit Powder Handling 20°C – 22°C  35% RH
Tomato Powder Production 19°C – 23°C  25% – 35% RH
Dry Soup Packaging 21°C 20% RH
Powdered Drink Mix Packaging 21°C 20% RH
Cooling of Spray Dried Milk Powder 10°C  35%- 40% RH
Milk Powder Packaging 22°C– 25°C 35% – 40% RH
Whey Powder Manufacturing/Storage 21°C – 26°C 15% – 30% RH


Bry-Air Solution

Through dehumidifier the dry air is continuously circulated in the unit through a suitable supply and return air system. An air handling unit functioning separately maintains the desired temperature in the packaging and storage area.

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