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The Philippines as a country is an archipelago consisting of about 7,107 Islands, a strategic location at the heart of Southeast and East Asia. It was once dubbed “The Sick Man of Asia” decades ago, but its economy now is thriving and has shown resilience after the recent global and regional financial crises that hit the region and the world, with a very promising growth potential in the future.

The Philippines has a warm, friendly and festive culture but also a very competitive place to do business in Agriculture, Hospitality, Manufacturing, IT, Medical and other High-Value Services. Bry-Air’s presence in the country ensures that there are no orphans in the field and each customer is just within reach.

Bry-Air’s well-trained, versatile and competent Filipino staff happily serves local clientele all over the Philippines and also areas around the region if required by HQ, to function as a direct support office to all its group companies for any technical/commercial aspect of its products.

Bry-Air, the leader in dehumidification worldwide and DRI – Innovative Air Solutions, has been providing world-class products and services like Dehumidifiers and Dryers, Gas Phase Filtration Systems, Fresh Air, Evaporative Cooling Solution to its customers through its Philippines office.

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Welcome to the Knowledge Center! A rich resource for AirgineeringTM related information ! Over the half century, Bry-Air has developed a unique understanding of adsorptions and adsorption based technologies in relation to air and how industrial processes are interrelated to it. This knowledge is shared to help customers achieve their goals – whether to become more profitable, productive and/or sustainable. Bry-Air helps the world most recognized companies to solve important Airgineering challenges across the globe...

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