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Adsorption Chiller

The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is effective as a stand-alone system either as an enhancement to a current HVAC system or as a replacement technology to a current chiller system.


Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller  
Long product life (>25 years)
Low maintenance
Regeneration temperature as low as 50°C
“Green” refrigerant (water)
Low electric consumption (one-tenth the conventional system)
No noise and vibration
Range 70kW to 1180 kW

Why is the Adsorption Chiller a better choice?

Adsorption Chillers eliminate noisy compressors, high-pressure refrigerant systems, high amperage electrical connections, refrigerant monitoring & alarm systems and high maintenance costs.
Attribute   Adsorption Mechanical
Sound Pressure Level   Very Low( <50 db(A)) Loud(>80 db(A))
Operating Cost   Negligible High
Maintenance 3.jpg  Virtually None Seasonal maintenance, replacement of oil & bearing
Chemistry Bry Air newsletter 4  Municipal water and Special Silica Gel- S2 HFC & HCFC refrigerant with synthetic oils
Energy Requirement Bry Air newsletter 5  Hot Water -50°C to 93°C (122°F to 200°F) Electricity -230/415-3P-50Hz, 460-3Ph-60Hz,
Cooling Water Requirement Bry Air newsletter 6  Preferably <30°C to 10°C
Lower temp. increases the capacity of the system
Unstable at low temperatures
End of Life 7.jpg  No special disposal requirements Special disposal requirements
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