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dry facts
OCT.-NOV.-DEC. 2010 VOL.20 No.4
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Dehumidifiers - You name it, we have it! Bry Air newsletter browncorn
We taught world the art of drying
Infact, the Silica Gel Desiccant Rotor,
which is at the heart of any dehumidifier
was invented by us Bry-air
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Electronic Corrosion in DCS Control Bry Air Serverright
Distributed control system (DCS) are dedicated systems used for
controlling manufacturing processes that are continuous or
batchoriented, such as oil refining, petrochemicals, central station
power generation, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage manufacturing, cement production, steel making, and paper making. Apart from DCS, servers and control rooms have more critical equipment for BPOS, IT/ ITEs etc. The presence of corrosive gases present in the facilities mentioned above causes micro - corrosion.
Corrosion leads
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gelatin drying for food
Food, Photography, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic
Gelatin is a colorless and tasteless solid substance that is made form the collagen of animal’s skins and bones.Gelatin drying for food and medicines is a common practice.
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Events Highlight!
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