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JUL-AUG-SEP 2016  
The Quarter Gone By...
honoured at ASHRAE CRC 2016
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Bry-Air wa a Silver Sponsor in ASHRAE's Super Chater Regional Conference (CRC) 2016.The foucs of the conference on "lnnovation for Sustainable Future" at Bangkok, Thailand.


November 9: Webinar on "Adsorption Chillers."

Wes Livingston, industry expert on "Adsorption Chillers" conducted a webinar. The webinar had over 50 attendees from USA, South East Asia, West Asia and the India subcobtinet...........................

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Keep Odour at Bay Mortuaries and Autopsy Rooms
with Bry-Air Odour Control System
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Clean and odourless air is a hygiene need at mortuaries and autopsy rooms which are the most neglected areas in terms of quality air. This is a major health hazard for surgeons, forensic experts and medical staff who come in regular contact with dead bodies, bad odour and other contaminants in air.

Mortuaries and autopsy rooms have an unpleasant odour from decaying dead bodies and embalming fluids such as formaldehyde, which has a pungent and irritating odour. The dead body odours and formaldehyde vapours...

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When moisture is Torture
usage of dehumidification is both extensive and essential.

Diagnosing Instrument Failure

For correct diagnosis, a doctor relies on crucial and accurate diagnostic centre report. These diagnostic centres or medical imaging rooms rely heavily on latest technology based eequipment such as ultrasound machines, X-ray systems, digital monitors, etc. The imaging instruments are highly sensitive in nature and function well only at certain temperature and RH level. Any mismatch in the required temperature and RH level can cause equipment failure.

At high RH level, water molecules condense on the equipment surface and corrode the internal circuits, ...

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Provides Humidity Control Solutions for... One stop shop for your dehumidification needs
Dehumidifiers and Dryers

Cracker & Wafer Packaging Snack Foods like potato wafers, corn chips, noodles etc. absorb moisture from the surrounding air during processing and become soggy. Presence of moisture also results in frost formation and sweating in the cooling tunnel in the packaging equipment.

Jet Engine Storage Jet engines are usually stored near airplane hangars at airports as standby for quick replacement These engines are very expensive and are usually needed in emergencies, in case of engine failure. While in storage, they are damaged due to corrosion. Ferrous material like iron and steel

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