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Humidity Control System

Clean and odourless air is a hygiene need at mortuaries and autopsy rooms which are the most neglected areas in terms of quality air. This is a major health hazard for surgeons, forensic experts and medical staff who come in regular contact with dead bodies, bad odour and other contaminants in air.

Mortuaries and autopsy rooms have an unpleasant odour from decaying dead bodies and embalming fluids such as formaldehyde, which has a pungent and irritating odour. The dead body odours and formaldehyde vapours from embalming fluids can result in unsafe working conditions.

The pungent and irritating odour is a source of discomfort for surgeons, forensic experts, and other staff engaged in handling corpse, postmortem examination, and research.

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The working staff in the mortuary and autopsy room are highly prone to health risk as formaldehyde vapourizes at room temperature and converts into gas that gets inhaled and can cause headache, eye, nose, throat irritation, dermatitis, difficulty in breathing and much more.

Even in the refrigerated environment, decomposition of dead bodies continues, and leads to accumulation of odourous gases such as Thiol, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen Oxide, etc.

Airborne molecules of these gases spread throughout the mortuary complex and cause the foul smell.

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Bry-Air Odour Control System is ideal for removing toxic gases and eliminating odour from the air.

It purifies the air inside the mortuary and autopsy room through the process of adsorption and chemisorption, in which air is filtered and cleaned out when gaseous contaminants are neutralized while passing through chemical filter. The cleaning of contaminated air occurs at the molecular level when a pollutant gas molecule reacts with the chemical present in the filter.