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Jan-Feb-Mar 2016  
Invites you for Workshop on A sorption Chiller
Energysmart Cooling using Waste Heat
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Industry expert, Mr. Wes Livingston, Power Partners, Inc. (PPI), USA will be conducting the technical workshops which will help you to understand the technology and its benefits. It will also provide in-depth understanding on the life cycle cost (LCC), payback and selection.

Bry-Air successfully conducted a series of technical workshops on “Adsorption Chiller – Energysmart Cooling using Waste Heat” across India. Mr. Wes Livingston from PPI, USA held workshops in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata which witnessed strong participation across industries and government bodies.

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Mauswag Agribusiness Inc. (MAI),Philippines
solves its Moringa leaves drying problem with
Compact Dehumidifier

Moringa oleifera is a multipurpose and exceptionally nutritious vegetable tree with a variety of potential uses. It is a sub-tropical species that is known by different regional names as benzolive, drumstick tree, kelor, marango, mulangay, nebeday, saijhan, mooringai and sajna.

Drying the leaves of Morninga Oleifera is the most critical aspect of processing the product. The leaves should be dried in a place protected from sunlight to prevent the loss of vitamins and minerals. Drying the leaves of Morninga Oleifera is the most critical aspect of processing the product. The drying should be done immediately after harvest to prevent the growth

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When moisture is Torture
When moisture is Torture

Hospital administration focuses a lot on indoor environment not just for safety of patients but also to improve the efficiency of surgeons and provide a better working environment. Moisture sensitive equipment, layers of clothing worn by surgeons, workforce, etc. demand ideal environmental conditions.

The recommended conditions for an Operation Theatre Room is 22ºC and 50% RH. In addition to OT rooms strict humidity control is also required in Imaging department (X-ray room, MRI, CT Scanner, Mammography, Ultra Sound, Fluoroscopy, Angiology, Tomography), Pathology department (Dark room, biology lab, chemical lab. immunology, hematology). Desiccant based dehumidifiers are extremely effective and economical...

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Diagnose Corrosivity in IT Rooms with the NEW Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitor (ACM)
Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitor

High humidity along with other air laden pollutants result in corrosion and equipment failure. Companies dealing with sensitive IT infrastructure, as a core part of its operations, require to safeguard their equipment's from the menace and hence, implement a comprehensive check and monitoring mechanism to measure the corrosion potential of gases inside their facility. The ISA standards define or characterize environments in terms of their overall corrosion potential. Bry-Air ACM diagnoses the corrosion of these environment according to the ISA Standard outlining severity of corrosion from mild to severe.

Reactivity monitoring is used to characterize the destructive

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