Humidity Control System
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High humidity along with other air laden pollutants result in corrosion and equipment failure. Companies dealing with sensitive IT infrastructure, as a core part of its operations, require to safeguard their equipment's from the menace and hence, implement a comprehensive check and monitoring mechanism to measure the corrosion potential of gases inside their facility. The ISA standards define or characterize environments in terms of their overall corrosion potential. Bry-Air ACM diagnoses the corrosion of these environment according to the ISA Standard outlining severity of corrosion from mild to severe.

Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitor

Reactivity monitoring is used to characterize the destructive potential of an environment. It provides an exact and dependable way to evaluate the corrosivity potential of indoor air and also the effectiveness of the installed filter systems.

Bry Air circle-headingThe ACM model BCM 232 provides real time information on the overall reactivity levels of gaseous airborne contaminants, room temperature, relative humidity and optionally differential pressure.

The usage of this device allows an immediate corrective action leading to increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs of electronic and electrical equipment affected by corrosion.

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