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Mould Sweating
The biggest challenge that moulders face today is to produce the moulded component at better cycle time. The most time consuming step in moulding cycle is cooling time. To bring the cooling time down, as close as possible to refilling time (dosing time), the mould needs to be cooled with chilled water as low as possible. During this process of bringing down the temperature of the mould, due to higher grains surrounding the mould, condensation occurs. This is defined as mould sweating. Mould sweating can lead to rusting of mould, water marks on moulded component and moulded component not getting ejected out properly. moulding
Bry-Air solution to mould sweating
To eliminate the condensation, the area around the mould needs t o be maintained with Dry-Air at the dewpoint o f - 50C to - 100C . Bry-Air offers the solution through Mould Dehumidification Systems – MDS and PMD. The Mould Dehumidification System functions by blanketing the mould surface with a constant supply of dehumidified air at an appropriate dewpoint below that of the chilled water in the mould.
The Bry-Air MDS is a very sturdy and energy efficient unit which provides a constant supply of dry air around the mould at precisely controlled dewpoint.
Maintaining a mould while offline.
Moulds are expensive and need to be stored properly. Slipshod maintenance/ management and other agents could damage expensive mould. It has been noticed that moisture causes large scale damage to the mould when it is not stored properly. Damaged mould leads to surface defects on the material and dimensional inaccuracy. Also it leads to lower life time of the mould and higher maintenance cost.Proper storage under dehumidified condition could ensure that expensive moulds lasts several life cycles with no maintenance. Bry-Air mould dehumidifiers ensures protection of precious mould during storage.
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