Let us work to make the Indian Plastics industry world-class !

Bry-Air works closely with many domestic and international companies in the Plastics industry. To keep our readers in the plastics industry updated, we will feature from time to time articles regarding concerns, problems and updates written by some stalwarts in the industry.

Organisations work hard continuously to identify strategies and new initiatives that enhance performance, which in turn results in growth. These strategies are driven in well-planned and structured methods, either through internal competencies or by getting help from external experts. The paths vary as per the situational needs and challenges of a particular organisation. Irrespective of the challenges and goals, we all know that the most important parts is to get all the employees motivated and involved not only to contribute wholeheartedly, but also to deliver as a team. Although teamwork ultimately can deliver results, the individual’s attitude and spirit of collaboration to create a learning atmosphere cultivates a winning culture.

As we all work in various conditions and times with different people, we come across some wonderful and effective lessons for success, provided we are open to learn and unlearn. The great learnings, listed here, are derived from observations of people and situations that are instrumental in developing both, self-learning employees and effective organisations. A quick summary:

  • Trying our best to be on time and plan schedules in advances as best as possible.
  • Being open to learning from all conversations or moments
  • Respecting other’s views. We may not agree with everyone, but respecting others’ views may open the door to a positive outcome.
  • Communicating with clarity and precision while not going into unnecessary explanations. Giving our best and being transparent in our communications with others.
  • Not to confuse others when we don’t have a clear answer, rather promise to find out and come back promptly.
  • Observing surroundings keenly will make us realise many opportunities for improvements.
  • Not criticising people openly, instead getting to the crux of the matter with facts and figures will help people realise their mistakes on their own.
  • Being watchful of a person’s body language to gauge their level of interest during the conversation. A smile can start the interaction on a positive note, and showing humility during the conversation leads to positive outcome
  • Always approaching situations with a helping attitude, instead of using force or dominating others.
  • Not showing off one’s ability to led in every situation, but examining our strengths and those of others to encourage their leadership skills with a supporting and learning attitude
  • Never try to win arguments; keeping silent sometimes increases other’s respect for you, thus giving them time to realise the facts.
  • Being fair in everything you do, playing favourites will not contribute to a learning atmosphere.
  • Always be fully prepared before any meetings; this helps us to put our point across faster and attain the best possible outcome.
  • Do not leave pending things to our memory, better to be organised with a list of ‘Things to do’. Small forgotten points can cost us dearly in the future.
  • Not to be impulsive in our thoughts, speech and decisions. Thinking it over twice may lead to a better we form an opinion. It may change depending on the situation.
  • Never judge others from you from our perspective, but taking time to observe and understand them before we form an opinion. It may change depending upon the situation.
  • Being sincere in whatever we do and not taking any short cuts.
  • Keeping the surrounding clean.
  • Instilling a sense of passion in others by personally setting an example in order to succeed as a cohesive team.
  • Taking care of our mind and body as we need both to become a positive and responsible person. An effective strategy is having 8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure and 8 hours of sleep.
  • Compassion for others is a characteristic of a good human being, which is also foundational virtue of a good leader.

It is not easy to practice these learnings in a fastpaced work life. However, being aware of these good practices and trying our level best to include them in our routine will definitely take us further on the path of success with an impression of respect.

A motivated and passionate person can inspire a team, a motivated team can inspire many around us. We need to be successful as a country in our products and services, and we practice the above basics as disciplined and good human beings, we can be world-class.