Easy way out for plastics material handling -

Centralised Conveying System

Plastics material handling is an integral part of most plastic processing operations. In the conventional system at large units, the plastic granules are manually loaded or transported to respective area using the trolley. This may increase the conveying issues like:

  • Higher labour cost for manual loading and unloading
  • Higher transportation cost with use of trolleys
  • High maintenance cost
  • High spillage and wastage due to manual feeding
  • Higher production cost and frequent downtime
  • Movement of trolleys on shop floor increase the risk of accidents

This centralised system reduces wastage and ensures correct material goes to the correct process machine/receiver. Some of the other advantages are:

  • Automated transfer of plastic pallets from shipping container to storage bin to dryer to processing machine
  • Quick changeover of material that saves time
  • Eliminate chances of spillage, wastage and accidents
  • Ease of operation

A well designed and properly installed conveying system can prove to be an asset

Bry-Air provides simple and automatic conveying system with ease of plastic material granules conveying, which has been specially designed to ensure process continuity at the plastic processing operations.

The Bry-Air Centralised Conveying System comprises three major elements - BrySmart controller, the Regenerative Vacuum Pump and the Receiver. BrySmart Controller is the brain of the automated conveying process. It connects each receiver to central regenerative vacuum pump station. It has a touchscreen panel for monitoring and controlling the complete system. The next element is regenerative vacuum pump which generates the airflow to pull the granules and conveys them to the receivers. The receiver's primary job is to separate granules from the airflow and transfer them to a destination. This central conveying system reduces operating cost, increases productivity and product quality.

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