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Moisture control is the most critical process of the plastics products manufacturing industry. Modulers need to first ensure the level of moisture present in the plastic resins before any further processing of plastic pellets.

Most moulders dry their resins by blowing hot air, or dry air of a specified temperature and dew point (typically -400 C) through a hopper full of pellets for a specified number of hours and hope that does the job, which is true in most cases, as experience has suggested.

To go a step further, dryer manufacturers offer systems for measuring the changes in temperature or dew-point of the air as it passes through the drying hopper.

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Dew point is basically the measurement of the humidity in the air and it does not measure the amount of moisture in the pellet. Dew point measurement may correlate with a change in moisture content of the pellets, but do not measure either the initial moisture or final absolute moisture level of the pellet.

The problem is that the starting moisture content of the resin is usually not the same. The offline method to measure the final moisture content of pellet is a lengthy and costly process.

Now, it's time to stop focusing on the temperature and dew point of the drying air and pay attention to actual moisture in the pellets. With BRYSCANTM 100 In-Line moisture sensor, a path breaking innovation and product development by Bry-Air Prokon in Switzerland, a 100% subsidiary of Bry-Air (Asia), moulders can now determine the core moisture content independent of the density, colour and surface structure of the measured material in real time, as the pellets exit the bottom of the drying hopper.

Bry-Air has recently introduced its BRYSCANTM range of In-Line Moisture Analyzers. BRYSCANTM sensors are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the plastics processing industry. Bryscan is the solution for the real time accurate measurement of moisture present in resins and manufacturing environment.

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