Case Study

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Bry-Air prides itself in providing superior products with reliable after sales support to all its clients. That's why our clients choose us over the other options available in the market. One such client is Vinit Performance Polymers Pvt. Ltd. (VPPPL), they recently placed their order with us for dehumidi?er at their plastics processing plant in Mumbai. VPPPL specializes in conversion of engineering plastics into moulded plastic components which is used for demanding application environments comprising of load, friction, wear, thermal and electrical exposure and corrosive gases. Their products are extensively used by manufacturing industry, including Machine Building, Textile, Transportation, Automobile, Food, Pharma, Medical, Energy and Defence etc.

The Problem

Vinit Performance Polymers team discovered that there was a deterioration in the quality of their products because of humidity and moisture content in plastic resins, used for making the products. They decided to go for dehumidifying dryer. On screening the market, with the objective of sourcing the best equipment among available options, they found Bry-Air to be the most suitable with good local support from technically competent team. Their decision was, to a larger extent, in?uenced by their earlier experience of Bry-Air product performance and reliability of service. Bry-Air has been associated with VPPPL since 1995.

"Our Mumbai operation is located in a geographic area with high humidity for almost seven to eight months in a year. Raw materials, that we use, are either hygroscopic or have moisture content not suitable for achieving desirable mechanical properties in the extruded stock shapes", said Mr. Hiten Bheda, who is US trained engineer having over two decades of experience in processing engineering plastics.

The Bry-Air Solution

Bry-Air has installed New Honeycomb Resin Dryers to control dew point and temperature at VPPPL. These dryers are capable of removing moisture from the polymer in granular form. Bry-Air Resin Dryers incorporate the 'BryWheel' desiccant rotor specially crafted for very low dew point (up to - 45 C). The Honeycomb technology has helped VPPPL in energy saving and reduction in rejection rate.

Bry-Air Dryer working since 1995
Bry-Air Dryer
Bry-Air Honeycomb Resin Dryer recently installed
Bry-Air Honeycomb Resin Dryer