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Honeycomb Resin Dryer
Bry-Air, pushing the limits to new heights set a benchmark in dehumidifying drying system recently, by introducing one of the highest capacity drying system under its BHD series Honeycomb Resin Dryers. Drier with a capacity to handle 2000 Kgs/hr of nylon granules drying at -650C dew point and air flow of 3500 CM H i s probably the world’s biggest drier made so far for drying special grade nylon granules. An opportunity to develop such kind of high capacity drying system came from Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited a Kolkata based company.
Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is one of the largest producers of finest bottle grade PET resins (ASPET). They planned to introduce a new grade of resins for hot filling application, meant for beer, sauces, pickles, flavored milk, honey and other food products.
For producing desirable grade of resin, the company required a high capacity of dehumidifying dryer which can dry nylon granules @ 2000 Kgs/hr at a -650C dew point. Getting a reliable and energy efficient quality solution for the problem was a chief concern for the company.
Bry-Air, known for its R&D based reliable and energy efficient solutions came up with a solution of 3500 CMH, BHD Series drier known as “BHD-3500”, with stainless steel drying hopper of 10,000 liters capacity and an auto loader capable of handling 2000 Kgs/hr of nylon granules drying at -650C dew point pushing the envelope and its engineering capability to set another benchmark.