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Honeycomb Resin Dryer
small-bryair-logo Once again Pushing Limits to New Heights
Bry-Air, pushing the limits to new heights set a benchmark in dehumidifying drying system recently, by introducing one of the highest capacity drying system under its BHD series Honeycomb Resin Dryers. Drier with a capacity to handle 2000 Kgs/hr of nylon granules drying at -650C dew point and air flow of 3500CM His probably the world’s biggest drier made so far for drying special grade nylon granules.
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At the threshold of New year, we invite you to witness the live demonstration of game changing technology at our booth in PlastIndia 2012.
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Bry Air newsletter small_logo A Perfect Partner to Ensure Quality End Product
SFEPL has installed the most advanced AOKI “single-stage” high cycle molding machine & Husky injection molding machines for achieving extremely hygienic conditions as per USA standards. As the project was very critical in terms of quality and delivery, a perfect solution for drying the PET resin was an important requirement to get zero defect product, they opted for most trusted name, Bry-Air.
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Bry Air newsletter circle_img “Bry-Air Honeycomb Dryer, Auto Loader and Mould Temperature Controller has ensured
ensured highest quality for our products.”
Mr. Ashutosh Singhania, Director,
Singhania Fabexorts Pvt. Ltd.
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Seminar on Environment Friendly Equipment

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Bry-Air organized a seminar on environment friendly, sustainable equipment / methods and the accruing benefits on October 14, 2011 in Gurgaon.
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Maha Camp at
Bry-Air On the auspicious day of Vishwakarma Puja. Bry-Air CSR team arranged a Maha Camp for all PE employees.
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