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Drying, Conveying, Blending from Bry-Air
World Class Plastics Auxiliary 
Equipment  Under One Roof Plastics Save the 
                       Environment . .
For Drying, Conveying, Blending, Heating &
Cooling, Mould Dehumidification
BCS Series Centralized
Conveying System
2.2 kw, 4kw, 7.5 kw
with ā€œnā€ number of staion
Centralized-Conveying System
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Use Plastics for healthy tommorrow Apples are generally packed in
crates. A tree is cut every time we use wood for packing apples in crates. Millions of trees are felled in this process. Going by statistics about 800,00,000 trees are felled every year for packaging items such as apples etc., in paper and wood.
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Bry-Air at 8th Plastivision INDIA 2011 Delair corner at plastivision
Delair showcased delPET dryer. delPET
dryers are specially designed for PET bottle manufacturing.
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Be a Winner ā€“ Save Energy, Time and Material with Bry-Air Systems
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