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Arctic India Sales merge with Bry-Air (Asia).

The power of being one.

The air is changing…for better!Arctic India sales has merged with bry-air asia to become, one strong team. The combined synergy between marketing and manufacturing will take the organization to move closer to the organizations vision “to exceed our customers expectations”.

Bry-Air Malaysia Turns 15

....a glimpse of the celebrations

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PET…the most
popular ‘plastic’ today.

Polyethylene terephthalate or PET, as it is commonly known, is one of the most popular packaging material today.

Bry-Air wins with a 200 dewpoint difference.

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PET resins dried at (-)200 C dewpoint retain 8 times more moisture than PET resins dried at (-) 400 C dewpoint, which can be disastrous for the end product.

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Jeevan Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
A Success Story

The Hyderabad(India) based POWER PET group, a conglomerate of companies, is one of the leading manufacturers of a complete range of PET Performs, PET Bottles and PET Jars.

Plastic Dryers
Products from Pahwa Group
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Centralized Drying System

Packages a dehumidifying dryer with upto six drying
hopper on a single stand

Customized for special applications:
The Bry-Air dehumidifying dryer packages, with their modular construction, can be easily customized for special applications like PET Performs, Optic Fibre Cables and CD Manufacturing.

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