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VMI Plastics –A “PET” Success Story

And that's precisely why VMI has installed 2 nos. Bry-Air PlasticBPD 200 Dryers along with Hoppers Model HP40 with theirmoulding machines (procured from EKOU Industry Co. Ltd.,China) to ensure the quality of their bottles.

Drying PET….
PET resins are highly hygroscopic, i.e. they absorb moisture very easily and comparatively more quickly than other plastic resins. This affinity of PET resin to moisture makes it one of the most difficult resins to dry. Even traces of moisture present in the resin can result in splay, internal bubbles,loss of clarity and strength in the finished part/product.
Hence, proper drying of PET resins is the first critical step towards the final required quality of the molded product.
Drying PET requires stringent control over dewpoint, drying temperature, residence time and air flows.

The Bry-Air Plastics Dryer
Drawing on its long experience in drying various types of plastics resins, specially PET, Bry-Air's BPD series Plastics Dehumidifying Dryer is designed to ensure the strict moisture control require dto successfully process PET resin to the moulding machine at a moisture content of less than 0.003%.