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Plastics in Automotives

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Drying is the necessary criteria for quality processing of engineering plastics, i.e the plastics used in auto motives. Engineering polymers / resins like Nylon, ABS, PET, Polycarbonate, Polysulphonate etc., which have a large usage in the automobile shave an extremely high affinity for moisture and need to be dried thoroughly and properly to ensure quality finish of final product. Improper and inadequate drying can result in loss of structural, impact strength and tensile strength, cosmetic defects and many other moisture related defects and deficiencies. In fact the very characteristics for which plastics are preferred.These resins absorb moisture during manufacturing, transportation and when in storage prior to processing. It can be safely assumed that all batches of resins potentially contain surplus/excessive moisture, regardless of the circumstances. Bry-Air Dryers have been providing zero defect drying of resins before the components are processed thus ensuring the quality of final components.

Other Products from the group which find a wide application in the Plastics:

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  • Test Chambers for testing Automobile components.
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  • Compressed Air Dryers for plant air.