In light of recent developments, there is heightened interest in the Electric Vehicles (EV) industry and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) space, not just in India but globally too. As we all set out for a better future, the discussion on manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV) and efficient energy storage has taken the centerstage. India produces solar, thermal and wind energy in abundance and hence has huge potential in its production and conservation for further utilisation. With government also laying emphasis on reaching full potential in energy production through new-age sources, the progress in its storage through Li-ion batteries is evident. The market potential for energy storage in India is expected to be tremendous in the future.

Lithium is a critical element used in the battery technology that underpins much of the world’s consumer electronics, electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Batteries will increasingly be chosen to manage this dynamic supply and demand mix.

The Solution

While moisture control remains the most critical while manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, it is imperative to have cost effective, energy saving solutions too. Bry-Air's patented Green DryPurge (GDP) has played a key role in Li-Ion battery manufacturing across the world and has helped the manufacturers in creating the required environmental control to make quality, safe and long lasting batteries. Our ultra-low dew point GDP dehumidifiers have today been benchmarked for world-class moisture control, are cost effective and are highly energy efficient, making them a value proposition for any manufacturer.

Certain favourable factors:

  • Growing renewable energy sector
  • Supportive government policies and initiatives
  • Improving energy storage economics

India together with USA and Japan is predicted to install 50% of energy storage systems by 2030 according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).