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A quarter full of events

Networking with customers at various exhibitions and tradeshows across the globe!

Energy Storage India, New Delhi
EVREX, Hyderabad
Bry Air newsletter b3 Acrex India, Bengaluru
Asia Pharma Expo, Dhaka
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Semiconductors are an integral part of our daily lives today. Be it smart phones or control panels for industrial machines, semiconductor is the key element to the operations of virtually everything we use today. With semiconductors becoming more and more complex, come the challenges.

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The World is Crazy for Cheese and Products

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Cheese consumption is rising every year. With the rising demand the variety of cheese has also increased widely. Today, there are over 2000 varieties of cheese produced globally.

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The Dry Air Solution

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To retain the consistency, premium quality and flavour of cheese, it is necessary to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels during drying, ripening and storage of cheese.

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Computer and Control System Inc.(Comatrol) is one of the international representatives of Bry-Air, and is providing service to Bry-Air customers in Egypt

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