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VOL. 28 NO. 2

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bags EEPC India National Award Yet Again!

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Bry-Air has been consistently winning the EEPC India National Award for Export Excellence over the last decade. Bry-Air has acclaimed the award in the category-Exports of High-Technology Products for the year 2016-17. This accolade truly expresses Bry-Air’s capability to deliver quality products of international standards. Bry-Air is constantly striving to expand its existing installation base of over 85 countries with existing international representatives in over 65 countries. .

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Optimizing the cold store to maximize revenue growth

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Cold stores play a crucial role in food distribution system and prolonging the shelf life of a food product.

The change in lifestyle has created the demand for processed and packaged food round the year and in-turn the demand for cold refrigerated warehouses. Also, lack of food supply and distribution system have played an important role in developing the cold storages. During the storage, supply and distribution of food products, maintaining their freshness is the biggest challenge.

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Cool Large Areas Economically

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Evaporative Cooling is environment friendly and energy efficient method of cooling large buildings. The regular air conditioning unit is expensive and consumes more energy, whereas DRI Arctic Direct Evaporative Coolers are considered as one of the healthiest ways to cool. It replaces stale air with clean, cool and fresh air. While air conditioning system, re-circulates the air inside the building which increase the growth of airborne germs, foul odour and bad IAQ.

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